WPML Multilingual Plugin For WordPress | Tutorial 2017

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WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them.
It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. In this tutorial I will walk you trough all the steps in translating an ‘avarage’ business website.’

Example website: http://enfold2017.com

Overview of the tutorial:
01. Get the WPML Plugin (WordPress MultiLingual) 02:26
02. Install the WPML Plugin 05:48
03. Configure the WPML Plugin 07:44
04. Translate your First Page 12:45
05. Configure the Theme Settings 14:43
06. Translate Blog and Portfolio Categories 15:46
07. Translate Blogposts 18:28
08. Translate Portfolio Items 19:40
09. Translate Pages 21:50
10. Translate the Menu 22:17
11. Translate Widgets 24:48
12. Fix Blog and Portfolio issues 27:53
13. Configure Blog Settings 31:32
14. Translate Contact Form 7 32:03

Ferdy Korpershoek



  1. nice

  2. Well done, clear and direct video! However the WPML plug-in is operationally really lousy. I expected something more. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is the worst plug-in ever. I wasted so much time. Also, the current version is different from this tutorial.

  4. Thank you for this video , for me i wanted t translate my site to arabic language but the theme is stil in LTR ! how i can make it in RTL ? thank you 🙂

  5. Dank je wel Ferdy! Precies wat ik nodig had! 🙂

  6. Great content!

  7. hii. there not all language and can instal? i want georgian language and not here. what i can to do?

  8. Thank you, it was very useful!

  9. I have a site, similar to:

    Just wondered how long you think translating a similar site would take ?

  10. Hi Ferdy, why when I go to the + sign I don't get the Page Translation you show on your video? It takes me to a Add a New Page! Could you help me pls? thx

  11. this is a great video. thank you very much

  12. Heel informatief, bedankt! Enig idee hoe je ook plugins zelf vertaald met de WPML String translation plugin?

  13. Thank you Ferdy.

  14. Hello, Ferdy, I have just been to your website (from the link above) but I see no flags for languages choices. Maybe I am just really visually impaired. Are you still using this plug-in? I was thinking of purchasing…thanks

  15. Awesome I love your way of explaining

  16. Hello,

    Does it automatically translate Page or post content into my choosen langage?


  17. hello sir i added english before i delete it and now when try to add it again it says the code alrady exist any help !! and thanks for the explaination ! awsome tutorial

  18. Nice video! Can you AVOID placing that /nl/ before the dutch URL and have just the url with the dutch title?

  19. How to use it for arabic language an rtl language….when I use this for rtl the menu and the logo doesn't place where it should be in rtl way…any help would be appreciated…I use gp pro…theme

  20. Absolutely horrendous workflow. Please everyone migrate to headless CMS's and let WordPress die a horrible death. They're even cheaper than buying all these stupid, trash, plugins.

    Thanks for the video. It helps.

  21. Too expensive.

  22. Hey!!! I am also a blogger, so wanted to buy the plugin through your affiliate link but is no longer there in themes>pluggins 🙁

  23. 1:21 Is the video also in Dutch?

  24. Hoi Ferdy, kan ik ook mijn eigen vertalingen invoegen? of wordt alles geautomatiseerd? En kan het op elke theme gebruikt worden?

  25. If you add new products or new blog, does it automatically update the translations?

  26. Hi Ferdy, Goede video! Helemaal gevolgd tot aan de product categoriën. Wij hebben rond de 1200 product categoriën en 9000 producten. Is er een manier om dit als een 'bulk' allemaal 1 op 1 te kopieren. De taal is namelijk hetzelfde, lees; product heet Rotterdam in Engels en in Nederlands.

  27. sorry, but i have this issue, what can i do: Downloading is not possible. WordPress cannot create required folders because of the 256 characters limitation of the current Windows environment. I´m in localhost with xampp

  28. Awesome! Thank You

  29. Hi I just begin to translate my website with WPML following your tutorial. I have a problem, when I click on + icon to make my translation, only SEO fiel appear, I don't have page builder like you. Someone can tell me why ? Thx

  30. I have translated all pages and categories to three languages, Fa, Az and En. I do not want the post of one  language-En- to be translated to another language.
    I want to have posts in three languages which are not related to each other. For example, I have posts in Fa, En and Az languages in their own front pages or post pages and different caterries for each of them.
    T put in different words, I have one website with three totally different posts which are not translation of each others.

    For this to happen, I have used Poylang.
    But when in front page, with hitting on the flag,
    I change the language,-say from En to Fa-, the menu changes but the content does not. 
    In dashboard customize-menu, If I set the menu on English, with hitting on US flag, it goes to English language. The url also goes to English language. But when I hit to Fa flag, the menu changes to Fa language, the URL also changes to Fa language, but the content of front page is still in English, (((because the menu in dashboard customized-menu is set to English language))). If I change the menu in dashboard customized-menu to Fa language, this time with hitting on the Fa flag, it goes to Fa url and Fa content. But again, if, at this time, I hit on the English language flag, the URL and menu change, but the English content does not appear. (((because the menu in dashboard customized-menu is set to Fa language))). The same story for the third language. 
    In other words, the front page sticks to the menu that has been set to that language in dashboard customized-menu and with change the flags, only the menu changes not the content of that language.
    What should I do to solve this problem?

     Thank you

  31. tks Ferdy

  32. Ferdy, this was a fantastic tutorial not only for Enfold users but for all WPML plugin users. Can't thank you enough for spending the time to put this together.

  33. Thank you it is very helpful and real world example

  34. Hey man als ik een template heb met booking system, moet ik al de strings self vertalen?


  35. Hey Ferdy! Well done on the video. Do you know if you would be able to translate fully a checkout/cart section of a website?

  36. How does the SEO works after using the plug in? Per language?

  37. Nice video sir

  38. Hi mate, a great video, thanks for your time. A quick question, how did you migrate images?

  39. Hi,
    First installation of WPML, perform all the steps, register the site, my site URL, and I have my key.
    When entering my site key, i get this message "the Downloading is not possible, WordPress cannot create required folders because of the 256 characters limitation of the current Windows environment"
    I did:
    1.- Increasing the WordPress Memory Limit in wp-config.php file:
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');
    2.- Change the line in PHP.inimemory_limit = 256M ;

    but i have always the same message !!!
    Coluld you guide me in the solution of this? Thanks

  40. Thanks Ferdy… great tutorial.. I followed to the letter, and all seemed well. but, when i go to the pages to translate as seen in your video, the split screen (EN on one side / other Language on the other) i only get one area to translate, why is this?

  41. Hi Ferdy. I have a problem finding the "Blog" page under Posts – Categories, where you are explaining this at 16:15 in this video. the only choosable options i have is: Frontpage Article, Images, News, Personal and Uncategorized. I am also using Enfold. I hope you can help me with this as I need to put up categories for my swedish translation. Thanks

  42. Thanks for this great video. I have a question: How can I have the language switcher in the menu (like how you have it) but still have a top bar with social icons and so on? I use Enfold as well. So far I have not found a solution as the flags appear automaticly in the top bar as soon as I say, that I want to have the social icons in the top bar…..

  43. Hi, nice tutorial congratulations! I have a problem, please help me. I followed all the steps that you made until minute 13:40, so I also created a translation of a page, but on my site there aren't the flags to skip the language. What I have to do?

  44. Well done – thanks for explaining!
    I have a problem, I hope you can help me.
    When I want to translate a page, I click on the +, as seen at minute: 13:04
    the new page that opens doesn't show the empty window on the right side where I can put the translation in.
    I have MotoPress Content Editor installed – deactivated it and tried – the translation window still doesn't show.
    Please help!

  45. That was intimidating to learn all those step.

  46. Thx for the Tutorial. I have one Problem. How to hide the „Name“ of the Language? On your Page i see the dutch flag and the englisch flag and thatˋs it. in my case there is the flag and additional the name of the Language. On mobile devices it takes way to much space. Any idea? Thx in advance and sorry for my writing but auto correction kills me on mobile ?

  47. Thank you, it was really helpful!

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