WordPress News! Who Is The Best WordPress Influencer? And Why WordPress Companies Are Selling

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Little late to the party but, Here are some of the WordPress news and links to some of what i talked about in this episode of WordPress News

Template Monster Competition: https://www.templatemonster.com/awards/category/wordpress-youtube-channels
Elementor Academy: https://elementor.com/academy/
Divi Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM4slNGJ2QI
WpBeginner Acquisition: https://www.wpbeginner.com/news/welcome-easy-digital-downloads-wp-simple-pay-affiliatewp-and-more-to-the-wpbeginner-family-of-products/
LearnDash Acquisition: https://wptavern.com/stellarwp-acquires-learning-management-system-learndash


Intro: 00:00
Wordpress Awards: 00:46
Elementor Academy: 02:10
Divi Feature Update: 03:36
Brizy Update: 06:29
Plugins Selling + EDD Sold: 07:40
Yoast Sold: 10:15
LearnDash Sold: 11:15
Gutenberg Update: 13:55
WooCommece Security Update: 15:47

Thanks for watching party people!

Darrel Wilson



  1. Welcome back party people, here are some of the latest updates in the WordPress Community!

  2. Thank you sir

  3. Hey Darrel 😊

  4. Wow

  5. Welcome back Darrel

  6. Simple & Clean new office, Congrats ! Can you make a home office tour video …

  7. Darrell Wilson, I am so glad 😆 to come across your courses online and am new to your youtube channel.
    I watch your video about the website for beginners and I didn't understand this.
    Pls Darrel, all Host site your use is it available for an Africa country.

    I will appreciate and enjoy your courses…

  8. I don't have any in-depth knowledge about the whole thing, nor connections in the WordPress world, but I am curious… Could it be a reason for so many plugin companies selling that Wix, Square Space, Weebly and etc are eating too much market (small business owners) ? Or really has nothing to do with that ? Is WordPress growth declining?

  9. A video on how to make an awesome blog website with elementor basic not pro

  10. Nice to hear you again! I like this video-format.

  11. WoW

  12. Another great video, as always— thank you. I am strong on content but weak on construction. Silly ques… Can I incorporate layouts from other vendors like Brizy for example onto/into my WP site where I use the Divi theme?

  13. I like your background. Let me suggest a front light, because the screen is casting a lot of color onto your face. That pink site made me lol when you turned the same shade (not flattering). Cheers!

  14. Darrell as usual, thanks for the update. I can't stand Gutenberg, it is and doesn't function well at all. U can get a plugin to revert bk yo the old. As for yoast I always found it to be very bloated add on vs rankmath. Good video…

  15. From Africa! Thanks for great tutorials, I learned how to make E commerce from you but now people calls me expert thanks very much, I need to learn more about reseller hosting, and classified ads website they will help my life standard Thanks Mr. Party people Darrell Wilson

    Life is good I'll transform my skills to others

  16. How to create dynamic post url copy to clipboard button in elementor??
    Please anyone help?

  17. According to me Darrel and Nayyar Saikh are the best

  18. Darrel saying "I'm just joking" Darrel thinking "fucking cuntsss" 😂

  19. Great video Darrel, thanks for this News update. Definitely do more of these, maybe one a month? They are gold.

    Can't wait for your next Divi video. Divi is what brought me to your channel, and it's still my primary page builder. I'm really interests on your approach to building a site with Divi, given all the of their recent updates — especially with the Theme Builder. My vote is for way more Divi videos and tutorials!

  20. awesome

  21. Hey Darrel, great video and thanks for keeping us update.

    I have a suggestion about how to convert a html template after cloning a website (from httrack for example) to a wordpress theme.
    Your help will be much appreciated 🙏🏾

  22. Awesome video Darrel! Very informative! I actually like the background you have in this video. The old one was nice as well but this one seems refreshing to look at..😊..just my two cents…

  23. Thank you very much for updates! Great stuff! However, I would disagree with you regarding Elementors design and following them. Their designs are really nice!

  24. can you please make a video on how can i create POS system on wordpress for my physical shop. i Want to add cash and credit features also.

  25. 💲

  26. 1 vote for you

  27. congratulations …..Darrel wilson

  28. Hey Darrel, Thanks to you I have designed my sites with Divi but I am having an issue with the Divi update. My featured image doesn't appear anymore when I post on Whatsapp, please can you help? Thank you.

  29. Guttemberg maybe right move but if they wanna serious to make competitive action toward page builder they should focus on simple front end editor solution Something which regular folk will needed and able to handle for themselves. Thanks God we've already have solution like CPT and ACF front post

    Building daily contents using Block/widget etc will make almost of my clients call me every 10 minutes LOL

  30. Hey Darrel! What's up brother – great content! It's Robert from the great state of Virginia!

  31. 0:46 Pronounced "Toots" not "Tuts", if you follow his accent.
    Your channel is great, so don't worry about the others and keep doing your own thing. I picked you in the poll.

  32. Thanks for the links to voting, your background looks amazing, your videos are great, keep up the great work, not sure why you get worried if other YouTubers post a video you planned on posting before you, just post them. YouTube still pays you for people watching your channel.

  33. Hello darrel, is there any free alternative for crocoblock jet plugins ?

  34. Please make a video about how to make Web site hosting with hostinger

  35. Please make a video about how to make Web site hosting with hostinger

  36. Please make a video about how to make Web site hosting with hostinger

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