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seo grundlagen 2023



  1. Why did he have to stage it bruh

  2. me trying to be quiet as possible

  3. Yes fake, but still hilarious.

    This seems like an upgraded but more stupidly dangerous version of Murder in the Dark 😆

  4. Poor dog got scared 😭

  5. Fake. Don't be lame.

  6. lol’ pup almost got smoked!!! That’s too cute, fun family.

  7. Wow so cool can't wait to play this with a more back in the day gun HEHEEHHEEHEHHEEHEEHE

  8. He almost at the puppy

  9. People saying it’s fake. So what if it’s fake just take the video as a tutorial on how to play the game 😂

  10. he had his number on speed dial when they had plans to play it

  11. Haha😂😂😂

  12. worst acting ever. mans clearly could see

  13. fake

  14. We used to play that game with everyone blindfolded and equipped with a nerf gun. Loads of fun!

  15. How fake do you want this to be… yes

  16. This looks fun

  17. This brings the nerf gun family war to a whole different level🤣
    I want to do this with all my nieces and nephews🤣

  18. Fake af

  19. I'd actually play this😂😂

  20. staged af

  21. Clickers be like:

  22. He had the number at the ready

  23. My dumbass watched this video in silence too LMAO

  24. Oh yeah you totally can’t see anybody he aimed at all three heads and he walked around guy on the floor he clearly walked around him 💀

  25. 💀

  26. Fake as can be.

  27. LMAOOO

  28. Top 10 worst friend Betrayals. Up there with uno and monopoly.

  29. I would’ve thrown my phone to the guy crouching on the floor

  30. Mans walked right past him… maneuvered just right to not step on him

  31. Ha ha ha

  32. that was hilarious!

  33. This is still funny even tho they planned this out. But the faces was really good acting 🤣

  34. The absolute treachery

  35. I have that gun

  36. Wait why was I silent 😂😶

  37. He knows they're there

  38. Who else thought that was a price of bread on his face.

  39. But why am i laughing quietly 🤣🤣

  40. play smarter not harder

  41. At least he purposely missed the dog

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