Vampire Survivors – Unlocking things with the power of Bones


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A few more runs, with the aim of unlocking more characters, and items. And grabbing new things we find around the map now that we found the map, first with Poe, then using the new character we unlocked, Mortaccio.

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1:15 Run One
15:17 Run Two
32:17 Run Three

Vampire Survivors is a Rogue-like “Shoot-em-up” retro style (Although made in 2021) Video game, made and published by Luca Galante (Also known as Poncle). Players control a auto-attacking character while moving around, and destroying ever-spawning onslaughts waves of monsters, while getting power-ups during game-play. Which leads to unlocking more characters, power-ups, and in-game items after sessions are over (When criteria are met).

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