Tutorial Install WordPress on Windows 10



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Hey Guys,

No Long time no see!! Well i provided a tutorial on how to install wordpress on Windows 10. Should be easy and understandable and you should have no problems installing it.

Here is the link for the WPI (Windows Platform Installer)


The Installation Process should take around 25 minutes or less depends on the speed of your computer. Remember you can use this wordpress to test themes, develop or you can use it if you want to test wordpress.

That is it!! Remember to like, dislike comment and subscribe am creating new content this month as soon as i got some time.




  1. more than the wordpress, how's your desktop like this?

  2. nice tuts why you hadnt uploded for 4 years

  3. hello its really nice tutorial and for me, everything went smooth but in the end when I go to my localhost it's not showing up WordPress install page it's showing this:

    HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden
    The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.

  4. Do we need a host for this?

  5. wat windows theme u using?

  6. if you finis to install wordpress and finish to create a website you like is is free to show to internet?or you need a domaijn name and web hosting to pay?

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