Top 10 Free and Responsive WordPress Themes 2017

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Want to see the best free wordpress themes for wordpress in 2017? In this video, i will talk about some really amazing free wordpress themes that you can use for your wordpress website. The themes have some amazing features like importing demo content, woocommece compatible, and are fully mobile responsive.

Top 10 WordPress Themes For Your Website!

1. Flash Theme:

2. Hestia Theme:

3. Accesspress Parallax Theme:

(You can watch my wordpress tutorial on accesspress here: )

4. OceanWP Theme:


5. ReviewZine Theme:

6. Astra Theme:

7. SCREENR Theme:

8.GreatMag Theme:

9. Brilliance Themes:

10. Optimizer Theme:

These are some of the best free wordpress themes that i have found! Let me know what you think and also feel free to let me know if you have others!

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  1. Thanks for watching! let me know your experiences with other free wordpress themes!

  2. Thanks, Darrel
    It's helpful for Us.
    Can you suggest That types of WPthemes,Where I can sale my music file ..people can download also they can heard my music after they payment.

  3. where can i hire your service please just 1hr
    skype: njeijoseph

  4. Hi Darrel, thank you for the showcase. We are looking for a theme that is compatible with multilingual plugin. Would you have any recommendations? Cheers

  5. Some of these look better than some paid ones I have used. I guess I underestimate the free ones in my mind.

  6. Thx for all you do. Your videos are great and you're the best <3

  7. Im a small business construction company and Im aiming for the first page of google seo. which theme would you recommend?

  8. most people buy on mobile in 2017! why are you not covering the mobile view of these themes? kind of a fail

  9. Darrel, you are my go-to-guy for all things WordPress now…you've kept me from drinking myself into a hole these past two weeks. WordPress can be extremely difficult and I thank you for everything. I love the theme Hestia but you may want to let me know why it is not loading on my current version of WordPress. I had to download it twice but each time I click to see my blog with this theme it will not load.

  10. Hi there, curious what are some of the E-commerce tutorials with WordPress free theme you have completed?
    Link please.

  11. It is very detailed. I like your review. Thanks

  12. Hello, Darrel. Thank you for this video it's super helpful! at 2:12 , when people subscribe to your newsletter, where their emails go? is there an app that I can collect all the people's email that they subscribed to the newsletter? thanks

  13. just need to customize the Bezel “Front Page”

  14. Great presentation

  15. thanks bro its very helpful

  16. Hi Darryl,

    I have purchased the Multi Store Builder plugin. I am having trouble finding a compatible theme for it, can you suggest one that might work?

  17. hahaha lool fake reviews hein

  18. when i creat our product in woocommerce our product show some are v-big & some are small plz help sir?i willl wait…..

  19. Thank you Darrel..

  20. Amazing tutorial, I actually really like your videos, by the way, I am looking for a stunning free WordPress theme for Travel Agency, which one you would suggest me?? Thanks DW!

  21. Thanks Darrel, this was very helpful. I plan on building a review website so i'll be checking out ReviewZine for sure!

  22. I fell in love with the flash theme collection almost immediately. Its pretty cool for a free theme.

  23. Great can you please do a review for pro themes. thanks

  24. Hi Darrell, I just came across a free theme called Phlox, that has a bunch of options. Let me know what you think of it. Thanks.


  26. you are my hero Darrel! I followed your tutorial on Optimizer. Unfortunately it wasn't okay for using it according to my entrepreneur advisor but I'm going to use the Parallax theme now and I'm very thankful for your tutorial again.


  27. Thank you for sharing your experience! As a fashionblogger I will definitely check out the greatmag theme!

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  29. Awesome, this video helped me find exactly what I was looking for. The OceanWP themes are amazing, and the developer is evidently very skilled and dedicated to what he does. Thanks for the info.

  30. Please suggest, a free theme and plugin to manage patients records for my clinic, with appointment management. Thank u in advance

  31. OceanWP screwed my day! I installed it and got nothing on my page but a parse error. As I didn't have access to the back end until the next day, it screwed my site completely. The lame ass fix from OceanWP is Oh you don't have PHP 7.1 installed. Well that helps.

    Avoid this theme

  32. Thanks its Working

  33. I have just started my own website.. it contains everything that could make a mom happy., although at this point there are less content.. Many more will come up depending on the feedbacks.. Please visit the website and give your valuable feedback.. Thanks a lot for your lovely time!!

  34. Hi,

    You're video is simply amazing.

    Can you tell me with is the best theme that's mobile friendly and at the same can be easily customized?

    The site should adapt to touchscreens of most popularly used smartphones.

    Uday P.

  35. Darrel Wilson Amazing Work!

  36. Can you add audio/voice recordings and random quotes on the Flash theme website just as you would on the Twenty fourteen theme? Thank you 🙂

  37. how does one add these themes to their website?

  38. Really Liked Best Free Responsive Premium SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

  39. Looking for Light weight and SuperFast Theme #WordPress?
    I am an #Elegant Themes Subscriber. And I love, that every month they roll out a new, even more exciting SuperFast #Themewordpress , than they had before. This time it is all about been Fast, Responsive, and Easy.

    So, what’s new?

  40. Thanks for including Astra in the list, Darrel 🙂

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