Themes For Elementor – Make Any WordPress Theme Compatible With WordPress Page Builder

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Themes For Elementor – Make Any WordPress Theme Compatible With WordPress Page Builder
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If you are like me, and completely in love with elementor page builder for WordPress, then your first questions is which WordPress themes are compatible with elementor.

In this video I show you how to make any theme compatible with elementor.

All of my opinions in this video are my own, I was not paid to make this video. Whenever there is a link in any of my videos, if there is an affiliate program available, it’s safe to assume that you are clicking on an affiliate link. Please check my website for any associated bonus I may be offering, for supporting me, or ask in the comments below.
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  1. Q2: Do edits applied to my template automatically update all pages made from that template? I can't see a way to 'update all pages'.

  2. I am using Elementor free plugin and GeneratePress free, I have this plugin installed and even tried another one that was particular for elementor to give me full width, and I dont think it is working, at least not on my image that I am using.

  3. Very helpful. Thanks for all your hard work

  4. What theme are you using?

  5. Hi Adam, have you heard of Element Theme? I found a video of the guys who made it, it's a template developed specifically with Elementor in mind. Just wanted to know your thoughts about it

  6. Is it similar to elementor page canvas?

  7. Adam, I tried this plugin using etuille theme. It seeks that part of the top section of elementor, gets hidden under the menu bar.
    Is this just a theme incompatibility? Or this is how the plug in works?
    (so whenever I need to edit that top section, have to switch to the default page setting first).

  8. Just wondering if this fullwidth plugin is still needed with Elementor 1.5?

  9. Very nice! How does this compare to Elementor's "Native Blank Page Template" called Canvas that is already integrated by Elementor? The plugin you describe in the video has other options such as optionally showing the sidebars, etc. but fundamentally, is there a difference? Thanks!!

  10. Sir can you make this video how to convert html template to wordpress theme

  11. hi, which theme for news/magazines would you recommend? Thank you very much for your quick answers.

  12. Hi Adam, thank you for the awesome videos. I am currently trying build my own website…(FYI – I have never did this before). I have watched a few of your videos and was keen to try Elementor. I have purchased a premium theme called "farmers store one pro and want to change the homepage. I get an error :
    Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must call ‘the_content’ function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page.

    Can you make a video on how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

  13. Just in my home page elementor don´t accept tilte or text. WHYYYYYY????? Everything looks ok and later the title i put for fotos in my home page disapeared =;( please help me my website is

  14. I am about to embark on this path. Is this going to result in a responsive theme or does it depend on the theme I choose? Is it better the generatepress to learn it first?

  15. Hi Adam. So i am using wordpress whith the tesseract theme and the elementor page builder. I install the full width plugin but it didn't work, do you know why is that. help please!! thanks for yous help.

  16. Not what I expected. Can't actually use elementor functions.

  17. An "Absolute Genius" is in our midst. Thank you for this wonderful plugin and all your great tutorials especially the one for how to apply the free SSL Certificates. You saved me a ton of money. And now I can make a beautiful website with Elementor and your new plugin. Thanks again

  18. this is awsome!

  19. Hi Adam! I have installed the plugin en set the Page to FW Fullwidth. But after refreshing the page it doesn't work. Are there issues with WordPress 4.9? Can you please help me with this?

  20. Thanks….for tutoring…..

  21. Sweet! Thanks so much! Designing is so fun with all these helpful tools. Really appreciate it Sir..

  22. Hi Adam…
    First off thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Very easy to follow and definitely useful.
    I see almost all of your elementor video and began using it, but I didn’t see how to use it to modify or create the default blog layout. I am using generatepress for my theme.

  23. Hi Adam.i have a question..i already created my website using wordpress..with all pages like Home ,Shop, About i want to use Elementor for my home page to make it look much better than now..using free version..of elementor..but when downloaded elementor and started my home to create with elementor i cud just find a blank page with no option ..i mean elementor is not working even though my themeisle theme is compatable with it.not able to find elementor page builder
    ..i tried changing templates tab to fullwidth builder all…in page attribute section ,installed all elemetor add on plug inns too,but no this because i already built my homepage with wordpress..or ???donno..plz clarify..what to do

  24. Im looking for a way to add a comment section to my elementor pages but cant seem to find how to do that, any ideas?

  25. Great video and concise. Subscribing.

  26. Thanks for this video. I just needed this.

  27. Genius! Thank you!

  28. Good day … what video editor do you use and also whats the software you use for recording screen

  29. Hi Adam, What theme are you using ?

  30. I want Help Regarding this.. help plz""
    I created my front page with elementor and updated that but my site is showing old front page instead of that new elementor page why?

  31. Hi Adam. I have some themes/templates made in DIVI and I want to use them with Elementor? Can I use them with this plugin?

  32. How well does this plugin play with Genesis?

  33. Hey Adam I have a question is it possible to put my sidebar underneath my header because I have a full width header and when I try it’s throwing my site out of wack…. any solutions?

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