Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)

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In this video you will learn how to install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform using the Bitnami version of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

To view this tutorial with each command listed individually, visit:

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Did you know that there are multiple versions of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform? Choose which version is best for you:

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Check out the entire WordPress on Google Cloud series at:

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  1. Hello Joe, I found your video quite interesting. However, I'm particularly interested in how to move an existing WordPress site to a new installation on Google Cloud. can you please do a video on that or simply point me on how to get that done. Thanks man

  2. Great tutorial. Do you know if there is an option to install in a subdir? with the option of multiple wp installs in one vm instance? Thanks!

  3. Hay. how are you?I have some questions to ask you? I was watching the videos you have on your youtube channel. Generate a VM for a multi-site wordpress. The question: I can not preview any of the sites I've created, how can I? In what am I failing?

  4. Hi, i find that your video is absolutely help me. I have several question, do you a facebook page or twitter?

  5. Hello Joe, i want to add "www" , how to add "www" for my website? Thank you Joe

  6. what about if you have multiple websites from different customers. and how you setup the emails

  7. How to access my phpmyadmin page? It's telling ["For security reasons, this URL is only accessible using localhost ( as the hostname."]

  8. hi
    how can fix upload file big more than 2M on wordpress use Google Cloud Platform.

  9. hi, Joe your tutorial is very helpful.

  10. Hi you mentioned that SSD is better than Standard Persistent Disc but you chose Standard Persistent Disc in the video shown however you said SSD are better

  11. Hi Joe, thank you for the video. I'm new in GCP and I have now basically 3 questions, I hope you can help me to clarify (sorry if i have mistakes in my english):

    1. What kind of installation do you recommend: by Bitnami or Click-to-Deploy? or what advantages have in each one?
    2. Choosing 0.6 gb ram and ssd, what would be the maximum visitors limit every day and every month approximately?, if this traffic amount increase fastly and reach the maximum queries on database, GCP will put resources automatically for the site is not down?
    3. Why should I choose GCP instead AWS?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  12. Hi Joe, first of all, thank you very much for you excellent video tutorials. I've learned a lot about Google Cloud thanks to you.
    Now, I have a quick question:
    I've set up a new wordpress site following this tutorial, and then I've setup the domain following your tutorial on that subject. But, I've just realized that the VM has an "ephimeral" IP address… do I need to set it as a "static" IP address? I'm under the impression that an "ephimeral" IP address could change, and if so, wouldn't the change affect my DNS configuration?

  13. Great Tutorial Joe, there is one thing missing here , i'm still fighting to get it fixed.
    when you stop / start the VM instance, unfortunately Apache doesn't start correctly
    so i have to do it manually by kill the Apache Demon manually and restart it manually

  14. What did you think of this tutorial?
    If you want to view this tutorial with each command listed step-by-step, check out the version at
    Thanks for watching!

  15. wordpress smtp is not working , it says the smtp port is blocked by google cloud

  16. Hi joe what about the database user name and stuff?? is it done in the background? if yes can we access that?

  17. Hi. I followed your instruction and everything went well but after I deployed the wp and everything load i didnt see the blue button "log into admin panel"

  18. hi, really good tutorial, thanks. I used your tutorial to create some sites but im having problems now, apparently something change in the console, now i dont have the site address and admin url in the console (deployment manager), i tried with the ip that have in compute engine vm intance but doest work, any help?, thanks

  19. That's very straightforward, simple
    Thanks a lot.

  20. Hi I went through your tutorial and everything works fine, however I don't know how to change the password and user name.

  21. I know this is a little outside the scope of this video. But when I go to validate my email for my user accounts, it is not sending any emails. So I can't validate an email address. Any suggestions?

  22. I am so greateful for your videos. Thank you Thank you

  23. is it still workin'?

  24. Thank you for the videos. Was really easy for me set it up. took 1 hours with the help of your videos.

  25. Hello Joe,
    Thank you for making this list of tutorials .Your tutorial are really helpful to set my site on google cloud platform.
    I got following error when I checked my site on for mobile devise check.

    "Refused to display / in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin' "

    I think this is something related with site security. Please let me know what is best solution of this error ?

  26. How would I go about connecting a new database to a Google Cloud Platform deployed WordPress site? I have a class project to work on in which I have to build a very simple online video game subscription website, but I don't know how to build a database for it and make tables for it for responsive design. The content of the site does not matter much. It just has to function correctly.

    If possible, I'd like to have your contact information so that maybe you can help me out a bit more.
    Thanks : )

  27. Hey Joe. The video was helpful. I got my free console account. I created a project. I tried to install sugarCRM with bitnami. I was concerned about the charge it says at the bottom-right corner of Estimated cost: 14.20$/month. Will my card be charged with that amount each moth when I install ?? I know that's the sugarcrm community edition and is free, and the console account I got it free for one year. So, why does it show me the estimated cost. Please help. I do not want to be charged. Nowhere in your video, you've talked about the estimated cost, because I tried wordpress as well, and I could also see the same estimated cost thing on the bottom-right of the wordpress launcher page.

  28. thank you so much

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