SEO and SEM in 2018

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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing. I’ve been implementing both since the early 2000’s, and have followed tried-and-true principles and techniques that to this day, allows me to generate 2 million pageviews per month on my web development websites.

SEO and SEM are important skills to have as a modern day web professional. I would argue that front end web developer should be aware of basic search engine marketing and optimization.

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Stefan Mischook



  1. Thanks Stefan!

  2. That's all true! Now, for those who are just starting in SEO, the thing that really made a difference for my website were title tags. That's a huge thing! Make sure your title tags describe your content correctly.

  3. Talk about Linux development

  4. I see it like this:
    Step 1: PPC for instant direction, promotion and market research.
    Step 2: Once you know the direction work on SEO or SEM

    If you begin with SEO the risk is high you loose the ball because SEO is the slow game. Do some basic SEO and leave it alone. Work on the next site.

  5. hi stefan
    please talk about nosql db specially cassandra and couchdb or mongodb
    and please help me find the best way to handle and reduce the query/api request time for chatroom

  6. Nice view. Is that the US?

  7. Now your talking my language… lol

  8. That takes a load off my mind for now–just focus on modern dev methods and the seo will take care of itself.
    I see that you have a drum set. If making noise isn't a problem in your apartment, can you exercise vigorously–i.e. hiit jog in place–without the building manager making a visit?

  9. Inaccurate information, Stef!

  10. Stefan, would you be willing to mentor me a bit, I am extremely serious and devoted.

  11. -25 degrees in Montreal.

    Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  12. Very nice scenery!

  13. The secret to SEO is:
    1.) Ignore 70% of what you see, read and hear from the "experts".
    2.) Youd be shocked how retarded and incompetent so-called experts are.
    Its little wonder why there is a 90% turnover in seo firms with each passing google update.
    I once saw a couple special olympic rejects buy the accounts and phone numbers from a failed seo company.
    They lasted a grand total of four months.
    3.) Wanna learn seo? Build a website and use Google as your lab. No bunson burners required.
    Sounds like common sense, yet 90% of all seo professionals have never built a website and optimized it.
    4.) Only a few expenditures are required like majestic seo. Everything else is crap. I used to use market samurai, but that is shaky.
    5.) Link building is not only overrated, but 9 times out of 10, those campaigns by "pros" will actually destroy your site.
    Dont believe me? Google it and enjoy the waterworks.
    6.) For the sake of clarification supra, quality links can be important and can make a massive impact. However, dont fall into the trap of paying some asshole for links. Better to accrue links naturally through the quality of your content rather than turning to a diseased hooker for a blowjob.
    7.) Do not hire someone to do your seo. For something so important you need to do it yourself.
    Dont have time? Then dont bother with that startup.

  14. Surely, one of the best strategy is to write a compelling content that will drive more people to link to your sites. Great video very informative!

  15. 4k that is so nerd 😮

  16. the view looks like call of duty map

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