Putin's Worst Day! Unexpected Blow To Putin!


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Putin’s Worst Day! Unexpected Blow To Putin!
The Russian state-owned news outlet Tass published claims on the alleged efficacy of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin made a nuclear warning to the West in response to the invasion of Ukraine.
Vladimir Degtyar, the chief executive officer of the JSC Makeyev Design Bureau, which designed the missile, told Tass in an interview that the weapon “has no counterparts in the world.”
According to a story published on Thursday by Tass, Degtyar informed the news agency that the missile “will exit its silo under any circumstances and carry out its mission with absolute surety.”
Tass wrote: “The missile’s unrivaled speed, record-breaking range, maximum accuracy, and full invulnerability while piercing anti-missile defense systems make it a one-of-a-kind weapon.”
The organization stated that the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM could deliver a 10-tonne MIRV to any global location. Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle is the abbreviation for MIRV.
The first launch of the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM occurred in April, according to a report by Tass. In 2019, Russian authorities predicted that the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM would finish its testing phase by 2020, and the first launch of the missile occurred in April. The rocket was initially anticipated to be operational in 2016.
State media coverage of the weapon followed Putin’s speech, declaring his willingness to react to what he termed the West’s “nuclear blackmail” with weapons of his own.
Putin said, “If Russia perceives a danger to its territorial integrity, we will use all available defensive measures, and this is not a bluff.”
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  1. Go ahead see how many f-35 with nukes get given Ukraine. Then how hard will Russia be when Ukraine is nuclear power again?

  2. putin made worest attrosties against humanity, now God will punish him

  3. মেয়েদের কে শিক্ষা দাও মোবাইল নয়। আর ছেলেদেরকে বাইক নয় জীবন দাও।

  4. Where, how is this putins worst day?

  5. ok. So where is the worse day part?

  6. If history holds up, the missile is overhyped, and rarely works. That seems to be the nature of Russian hardware. Overhyped and underperforming.

  7. The consequences for the Ucrainian grain fields feeding the world must be balanced first, before dropping a nuclear bomb!

  8. Good going Russia assholes steel land from another country then say I'll nuke you if you try and take it back ww3 on its way qnd Russia is to blame, for any life that's left on earth that wants to know it will be Russia that uses nukes because thay are extremely week….USA could make quick work of Russia with out nuclear bombs…Russia =week

  9. well its up to the russian people to stop the war and the nuclear threat, once you start it will be over for all. just because the stupidity of one man.

  10. And by using a nuke it will guarantee NATO/USA would become directly involved in Ukraine…it's like dealing with a bully if you cower than that bully will walk all over you so I hope putin realizes this and if pussy Biden doesn't show strength , then we should all learn how to speak russian

  11. Do you think God 🙏 the Almighty Creator would allow such a Lunatic Mad Devil 😈 Man such as Putin do such a thing God 🙏 will and is going to Put an end to The Deranged madman for a Devil 😈 Man Putin and his Imps God 🙏 is the only and I say only one who has the Real or True Power stronger than any New clear weapon in this World God 🙏 the Almighty Creator is more Powerful unmatched by no Man in this World who has the God 🙏 given Breath who thinks he's more Powerful than the Almighty Creator God 🙏 Himself all these Power Hungry Demonic Madmen who thinks they are truly Powerful better take heed lest when they think they are Standing there is a Great Fall God 🙏 the Almighty Creator warns everyone to take Heed lest when you when you think you are Standing there is a Great Fall just be careful and when God 🙏 the Almighty Creator is ready to put an end to him the Devil 😈 Man Putin it will surely Come sudden on him Putin the Devil 😈 Man God 🙏 the Almighty Creator is Good Amen 🙏💖 and Amen 🙏💖


  13. The stress is on! How much stress can the "little big man" stand!

  14. People!!! Let's get this straight!!! Psychopath low-life cockroach dictators they always mention to use nuclear weapons when they are cornered like in 1962 Nothing happened Just like the Hitler Trump who threatened North Korea & Iran to use nuclear weapons on them Nothing happened either Putin's high rank leaders would severed Putin's fingers before he gets his fingers around the buttons

  15. when will you finally throw stones or "mollis"? The world is watching – and losing respect for you, because what you are now allowing in Ukraine will still affect your children. and all because a little man, with complexes,(is offen found in men with small penises) is your chosen leader. be strong again, and fight against it. I greet you nonetheless, and long live democracy. ps: freedom/peace is the Best…no nuclear fuck!!!

  16. Worst of Putin but you are trying to scared the world , you're gago

  17. You are Ani…… And do you think Putin will do that ? And his military don't kill him ?

  18. Everything Russia has built has been over hyped and utterly destroyed having been proven Russian tech is 20 years behind the West . The Su57 stealth is obsolete already and less capable than the F22 and they have 3 prototypes , the T14 MBT is useless and unreliable and have 2 that function ,both only used on parades . Now they have the most highly capable and technically advanced nukes !

  19. Enough is enough! Pack it up and go home, war proves nothing, and innocent people die because of of ignorance and greed.

  20. Half probably won’t fly, nothing else works as it should

  21. ICBMs have decoy warheads. The defense missiles to knock them down, Nation missile defense has to determine which warheads are the real deal. This is a big reason why warheads get through the defenses.

  22. The 3rd most dangerous man in the world is a Ohio class nuclear submarines and there's 13 with the US. Takes about 30 minutes to kill after launch. Missile from a sub is much less

  23. if putler fires , just 1 , he damn well better get 1,000 sent to orcland via air mail , immediately


  25. uSSr stops to exist!

  26. USA being a guarantor of Ukraine's territorial integrity should send some nuclear weapons and longer range missiles to Ukraine for it's own safety. If Putin knows that a nuclear bomb attack will be responded similarly then he will never dare to threaten with nuclear weapons.

  27. I’m sure nato has a close watch and will know if the sarmat is being armed and will take it out before the warheads have been attached …👍

  28. Glory to Ukraine 👍👍🇺🇦 God bless Zelensky and his brave soldiers in Ukraine Slava Ukraine and NATO

  29. nuke first then send in 300k troops to retake ground …its putins only option.

  30. Putin keep saying that Russian Territories must be respected including the Donbass Region which is part of Ukraine and if these are violated the world will be nucleared!!!!nuclear education!!!!! It seems he forget that he's the one who did not respect the integrity of Ukraine lands and it's people! I think he's delusional!!! So many young Russian soldiers died and wounded for his selfish ambition. I would like to see this evil man in the battle front line against Ukraine. I hope someday in Russia killed this mad man before thousands and thousands of young Russian people will vanished on the face of the earth!!!! For what??????

  31. This mad man (Putin) don't value freedom and life of Russian people especially Ukrainian people.

  32. Best move to putin is to end the war.

  33. Putin is crazy.

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