POWERFUL eBay SEO Tips For Finding Better eBay Keywords / eBay Tags

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This video is going to show you how to create the BEST eBay keywords / eBay tags for your eBay listings using POWERFUL eBay SEO tips & techniques!

If you’re an eBay seller who is trying to increase traffic to your eBay listings in order to generate more views & ultimately, sales, then this video is going to give you the right eBay SEO training that you’re going to need to out-rank your eBay competitors to put in on the 1st page of eBay search results!


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eBay Sales Mastery



  1. Hi great video! how do I get the free training, I don't see a link in the description

  2. When buyers search on eBay they don't use direct quotes… usually, so how optimal is the strategy when the results will almost always be broad for the buyer?? Thanks for you answer

  3. I dont see the link

  4. where is the link ??????

  5. Hi, I'm glad that you've enjoyed this information. The free training is still in the process. This video was uploaded just a little too soon as it was supposed to be marked private until the rest of the series of training was finished. I will keep everyone posted. The best thing to do is to subscribe here to my channel & as soon as the training is officially released, you will be notified in the DESCRIPTION of this video & via YouTube when my next videos are published. Thanks again & feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have.

    – Aaron E.
    eBay Sales Mastery

  6. Great video! Subscribed

  7. How do i subscribe to your email newsletter

  8. I want the software

  9. Hello, I liked the video , I'm new to Ebay struggling with keywords. Just bought the software but didn't receive the download link.

  10. Is this software still around?

  11. Why can´t i find my product even using the advanced filter "Exact Words, exact order"? I have some views and watchers and i'm logged of and doing this search in an other computer, and i cant´s find my 5 days old list.

  12. Should we do the same process for the next words of the title?

  13. What a great Video AAAAAAA many thanks

  14. Does the program work on ebay.co.uk

  15. Now that's what I call an "Articulated eBay Arbitraging Webinar"!!

    Please join our group sir and enlighten us with your wisdom.


  16. Does this work on Ebay.co.uk ?

  17. but it's easyer to have program who is showing all keywords without searching with search rate stats

  18. Hi what is the price pls

  19. Can i make one-perffect-original title from two different titles of 1-50 competition keywords ? of course, also appropriate …

  20. Hello I just purchased this software, this is sent by email correct? because for some reason my old address came up as the address shipped to through paypal, which is weird because my business address has been changed through pay-pal for at least 2 months now… please let me know… if it is sent through email, I still have not received it yet… thanks.

  21. what's the minimum ideal Google Monthly Search Volume in order to have good number of monthly sales? 200 searches per month is enough or maybe 1000? What's your experience with this?

  22. This only works if people use the advanced search options and use the exact words, exact order search option.

  23. HEllo Sir thank you for the video i don't know why Ebay search engine don't work for me i mean when i enter a name product in ebay i don't fet suggestion from ebay but it's work in google any accomendation sir
    and for the tool how can i get it please

  24. Excellent presentation~grateful for the offers as well, if still available. Just saw the date on this post was a couple months ago so wasn't sure if it was still open? *Ok, great! I clicked right on through and was able to download~Thank you very much!

  25. This is amazing! The only question I had was: people won't be searching with an exact keyword. So if people type in a keyword phrase won't it come out as a broad match. How do you go about doing that? So for example if I had the flash drive 1tb. Do I also add more keywords to that or just more keywords to that or just a simple keyword phrase that I found

  26. I don't mean to sound antagonistic, but you are missing an important piece of the puzzle here. We really need the keyword search volume info to get the whole picture. Without the data showing how frequently a particular keyword is searched for your method may not be as effective as you make it sound. For example, there may be a keyword with higher competition (let's say medium) where the search volume is enormous. This will still make it a valuable keyword. A keyword with low competition (<49) may not be as hot as you claim if its search volume is too low. I think the key is to identify the keywords with good mixture of both where the ratio of competition to search volume is favorable (competition as low as possible, search volume as high as possible), in order to get better search rankings.

  27. Can you please write how you can copy all keywords directly inside ebay search engine ?

  28. Hi. GREAT Video!!
    In about 19:25 you talking abut 4 results on ebay and thats an easy comp yeah.
    But its not meaning that it is a Strong keyword right?
    I mean you found it based on eBay search engine but you didnt get the volume of that keyword after that.. Juat how many compatition you will have..?

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