Passive income Plan: Millionaire Starts Again from Scratch! (NO MONEY)

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I explain how to start passive income with no money. I’m a millionaire starting again from scratch with zero money! I discuss dropshipping, business, side hustles and investing.
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If someone took everything away from me, my businesses, investments and all my money in the bank. Would I be able to start from scratch and become a multi-millionaire again?

My first move would be getting the highest paid job possible if this is minimum wage working in McDonalds, Walmart or anything like that then that will be fine. The only purpose of this job is to establish an income stream. Without money it’s very hard to accomplish anything, instead of thinking of it as a drug I will be using it as a fuel to propel me towards my goals.

My second move would be to establish a side hustle or side job of some sort. Back when I was younger I used to catch and sell fish but the times have moved on. Selling fish door to door from a shopping cart may not be seen as hygienic any more but I had great fun catching them and selling them was just a bonus !

Dropshipping is when you take a product from a supplier, market and advertise it online and then get the supplier to ship it directly without ever physically touching the item. Running a profitable drop shipping store requires you to learn the basics of business, how to run ads on social media, how to build a website, copywriting, graphic design and in some cases video editing.

Build an emergency Fund – This is a savings account with 3-5 months of my living expenses.

Open a vanguard account and start consistently investing into low cost index funds like the s&p 500 which is a collection of the top 500 companies in the USA. By starting at such a young age I would be able to take advantage of compound interest.

My third move would be building a strong network of connections. An important part of this would be finding a few mentors to help guide me.

My fourth move would happen the day I turn 18 and it would be getting a credit card. A credit card has so many benefits including protection on purchases, points you can use for free travel, cashback and most importantly building your credit score.

My 5th move is when things start to really come together. I would use the money, skills and connections I had been building to start a scalable business.

It would be time for my 6th move, diversify and focus on my personal portfolio.

50% of my portfolio would consist of Real Estate. As rental properties can generate income all year round. The rental income is great and will pay off the mortgage but the increase in value of the property is generally fantastic if you buy right.

25% of my portfolio would be in index funds this will allow me to keep growing my wealth with the stock market.

Pension accounts would make up 10%. 12% would consist of Investing my money into businesses seeking investment. This would be a lot like you see on dragons den and shark tank in return for a percentage of their business I would offer my money, mentoring and network of connections. I like this type of investment as it allows me to use my business skills to influence the success of my investment which investing in the stock market can’t give me!

I would use 2.5% of my portfolio to dabble in individual stocks. This is the money I can afford to lose AND HAVE A BIT OF FUN WITH.

I would reserve 0.5% for the most risky investment bitcoin.

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  1. Great advice for someone living at home.

  2. Hey mark im 14 how do I invest in stocks

  3. Genuinely interested if you think yourself could achieve the same at 40 with wife and 2 kids paying bills?

  4. This guy said F it, I'm starting a new game.


  6. Starts with no money? Didn't hear about that. It takes money to make money. Invest in real estate, takes money. Invest in other businesses, takes money, invest in stocks, takes money. The problem is that many middle class people don't have that much capital to invest. Day to day life is incredibly expensive nevermind investing thousands on top of that.

  7. I’m so happy ☺️ I have been earning $18,000 returns from my $6,000 Investment every 13 days.

  8. do this man just speedrun millionarire ?

  9. Any else notice ho blocks his computer camera?

  10. After watching the video now I have the millionaire mentality within me

  11. got my first credit card VISA at the age of 11

  12. If all the things you say is real. Why the hell so many company bankrupt doing exactly what you saying?

  13. Great ideas. Glad to hear im almost on the right path. Down to the fact I just entered a school for Socialmedia marketing. One thing I'd do is invest money in crypto right now and by 2030 you'd most likely see your investment 100x.

  14. You make some good points but anyone can just put a figure at the bottom of the screen saying how much they are no worth if I do this and that happens. There are a lot of variables not accounted for in this video I don’t think it is relevant to the real world. However that said it is a good blue print to follow just might not play out that way in real life.

  15. Honestly the stuff he says in this stuff confuses me and its overwelming anyone know where to start?

  16. If I could start over to become well off.
    1. Fake who I am.
    2. Use fake persona to marry rich girl or daughter of a boss.
    3. Invest money received from the job I get from marrying bosses daughter.

  17. I cant invest in etf lol when in paycheck to paycheck. Mortgage, bills, grocery, insurance etc

  18. It would’ve been better if you showed the money decreasing and increasing as you have to re invest so you allow people to understand you will not always have all your money in hand simply because your allowing it to grow

  19. Why would you wait until 18 to get a credit card? A parent can add a child as an authorized user on a card which establishes a credit score earlier. (My 3 year old has a credit score.) Also, you can get a personal loan from a bank for your child with you as a cosigner or put bills in your child's name. My son has an internet bill in his name on auto pay to his credit card, which is auto paid from my bank account. When he turns 18 he will have had an 800 credit score doe 15 years.

  20. Liked and Subscribed!!!

  21. Hi Mark, how come being British that you only talk in dollars and only of American trade ?

  22. I thought once he hits the 100k mark, he would've put tons on crypto and on the next year it will multiply.

  23. Explain to me how you went from 25,000 USD to 55,000 USD investing in stocks that on average rise 7% in price every year (a lower rate that inflation in my country.)

  24. Anybody who was in R/C car shops in the 80,s and 90’s is cool in my book. Subbed!

  25. I just rolled my 401-457 20k into vanguard global stock index fund

  26. Your the best teacher ive seen soo far. Your very cool and i could only imagine being around you how much i would learn from you.
    Thank you for this video

  27. Pan dar platform


  28. Pan dar platform


  29. I can’t stand that stupid bell!!!

  30. As soon as you said dorp shipping i stop watching 😀
    Maybe 10 years ago

  31. The first step can not be stressed enough, make as much income as possible and spend as little as possible. People are claiming he has a "strong disconnect" of someone who is making minimum wage, the thing is he doesn't. In the first few minutes of the video he specifies the guidelines of the plan, he starts at 16. Depending on where you live your parents are legally required to provide you the essentials. No mater what socio-economic class you are apart of, and as I said it stresses making as much income as possible. At 16 you have time to think of ways to make money, get a real-estate license, get into sales, go to college for a high paying skill.

    You guys always look up in distain, but never look down with distain for yourselves. The very fact you can even see my comment is one of the highest privilege's you can possibly get. You should be ashamed if you make comments with distain but do not make every effort to help those who cant access what you have. Never let this get to your head, many people have been in your position and have fallen due to their ignorance.

  32. Wow I’ve learned so much. Plus it’s good to know I am heading in the right direction!

  33. I dont even think if he started at his current age and got wiped out he could make it back before a major illness sidelines him. This plan is vague enough to trick the gullible but folks who have done it realizes in this day and age, automation and the pandemic makes some of this strategy outdated. In reality at his age he would have to venture outside and work in a high risk environment with exposure to the virus for the capital and we all know how that may end.

  34. CLICK BAIT!! Listen, I like your videos & the information you disseminate. Anyone can do a 10 minute thought experiment & become a millionaire. The tough part is actually DOING it in RL (real life). “Life” does happen & often. Meaning expenses pop up, people sometimes need to not work, jobs are lost, people screw up, they have unexpected kids, & so on. It is BS anyone working part time at 16, while in school, at a minimum wage job would be worth $10,000 after their first year.

  35. Thanks for sharing valuable information.💗💗💗

  36. i came from tiktok

  37. Too late for internet businesses. I mean you can still make money but it's peanuts compared to what people received earlier.
    Better not bother and move to a cheap place and retire.

  38. Thank you very much.

  39. As a busy person, investing and getting returns was all I ever wanted so I could still retain my job. Although I never believed at the first then after my cash out of $9,755 I don’t need new evidence

  40. I lost my job, I thought I’ve lost it all, with as little as $600, he, leeroy turned that into $5,500 in just 5days he may not know it, but he really has saved my life.

  41. Identifying the right investment can help you increase your earnings and accelerate your financial goals in tremendous ways. My earnings from stocks got me out of debt.

  42. Get a prepaid credit card . Why pay up to 10-20% on your purchases that’s just madness. I am amazed financial advisers recommend them.

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