Jimin and Jin friendship September 2022, Spirit has a message


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Chrissie’s Divine Design Tarot, Spiritual messages, and guidance, love and light, No sugar-coated messages. You are NOT bound to tarot or any tarot readings you possess free will, Divinely guided by your own intuition and tarot is only confirming what you already know. Entertainment use only. Welcome, my spiritual community. Lots of Love and light.

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  1. Capricornio is V,/ Taehuyung.. I feel that V suffer a lot. Intuition.

  2. I think Jimin, Suga and Jungkook want to marry with the empress.

  3. CAN you do a new reading on Jimin for this year?☻️. Bts jimin
    a lot has changed they just started their solo career in june.. so can we do another one about jimin's personality and future?😃🙏
    that would be really nice i Love Jimin personality..^^

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