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Due to many requests for low carb videos, I’m sharing my low carb eating plan.
Hope this helps.


AMAZON- I’m having difficulty adding these products to my Amazon Store so here are the individual links.

ORGAIN Unflavored Protein Powder


Cacao Powder

MorningStar Farms Black Bean Patties – I buy these in an 8 pack from Walmart


Orgain unflavored protein powder 48 ( 1 1/2 buckets)
2 24 packs eggs 10.78 SAMSCLUB
frozen strawberries 9.86 SAMSCLUB
tofu – 4 packs 5.16 HMART
black bean patties 8 pack 4 WALMART
corn tortillas 110 pack 2.44 SAMSCLUB
oatmeal 10 lbs 4 SAMSCLUB – $12.88 bucket lasts me 9+ months
rosarita refried beans 8 cans 4.66 SAMSCLUB
Tillamook 2 lbs x-sharp cheddar 5.94 SAMSCLUB
2 bushels bananas 3.16 SAMSCLUB
bag of avocados 4.52 SAMSCLUB
brown rice 2 lbs 3.28 WALMART
lettuce 3.58 SAMSCLUB
dates 6.98 SAMSCLUB
2 bag broccoli or other vegetables 9.96 SAMSCLUB
1 Gardein burger crumbles 4.92 WALMART
sourdough bread 5.54 WALMART
TOTAL 136.78


2 eggs with 2 tortilla shells, extra sharp cheddar cheese and 1/8 avocado. Sometimes with a little salsa = 33.76 grams carbs
2 eggs with cheddar, with 2 pieces sourdough toast. Sometimes with avocado on top or one with all natural strawberry preserves

*Meals with these ingredients and same carb counts- huevos rancheros, migas, chilaquiles verde or with red sauce.


tofu scramble with veggie and 1/2 cup brown rice. = 46 grams carbs
to lower carbs use 1/3 up brown rice and mix in with tofu. = 28 carbs
black bean patty with a little cheddar melted on top and salad with avocado, and side of broccoli = 24.5

Tacos with Gardein burger crumbles, 3 white corn tortilla shells, lettuce, and cheese = 34.5 grams carbs


Protein shake with 1/2 banana, 1 cup oat milk, and 2 dates eaten on the side = 32.5 grams carbs
* I’m going to start making my own oat milk and just using water in my shakes, but you could use frozen fruit in place of the carbs from the milk here, or use a whole frozen banana. Using the frozen banana makes it cold, thick, and delicious.

Information about dates on blood sugar

Dates – ADA

Dates – Another interesting article

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  1. Greens (dandelion, beet tops) are ALWAYS a good option for low carb

  2. I am sooo glad you did this video!

  3. Wow! I learned so much in this video. I will be making some dietary changes soon, minus the tofu, which I don't eat for health reasons. Thanks for the info.

  4. The study of Erythritol you stated in your video was debunked. They used an extremely small participant group–so small it was laughable. That said, most Keto diet users are switching to Allulose as their diet sweetener of choice. In the stirfry meal you made, you mentioned that if you added more vegetables, your carb count would be above the standard. You used a very good vegetable of choice since broccoli is very low glycemic, but, I would forgo the rice, add more of the broccoli and get your carbs through the vegetables or via another meal. The rice, white or brown, hardly offers many nutritional benefits where you do get nutrition through the vegetable and protein. Great video and it was so nice to see you switch things up a bit! Glad to hear your diet is making you feel better.

  5. Thank you for another great video and it not being a fad diet plan

  6. always helpful I dont know what i would do without you ! Thank you so much!

  7. You can also make pizza crust with chicken, mozzarella cheese, 1 egg & Italian spices. Google for recipe.

  8. Hi! I’m looking on the ADA website and can’t find the reference to eating “two dates a day.”

  9. This is perfect timing for me, as I had gone off Keto almost 2 weeks ago, and got back into TOO many carbs. I'm going back on a low carb eating plan, so the motivation your video brings is essential. THANK YOU! 😄

  10. Really enjoyed this video, Michelle ("Look . . . a squirrel! 🤣) So glad you are finding lower refined carb consumption to be beneficial and more energizing. I have also experienced higher level of energy by decreasing the amount of starches and refined grains. The Tillamook X-sharp is one of my favorites too; a little adds so much flavor to meals. Take good care. 🤗

  11. Thanks for sharing I an elderly female who has been eating somewhere between Keto and low carb for about 3 years, have gone off 3 meds reduced A1c, and lost 50 pounds so appreciate this greatly for ideas.

  12. I love these ideas! This was great and sooo informative! Thank you for doing this!

  13. Stir fry looks amazing!

  14. Thank you for this! I was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago, and I'm always looking for more low-carb ideas that are not expensive!

  15. Love this! I have been cutting back on my carbs, just started last week so I am so glad you are doing this series. I love your recipes girl! Does that cacao taste like cocoa? I want to try that. 😊❤

  16. Thank you. I was waiting for a low carb video. How about a low fat for people with high cholesterol. I’m am pre-diabetic and high cholesterol.😢

  17. Flannel drip means that it strains out the grounds even better than your regular old paper coffee filter.

  18. Sometimes my boys don't realize what is really yummy. LOL
    Thank you for including such Mexican and Hispanic influences in your cooking! Yummy!

  19. Lots of great ideas – thanks!
    A recent favorite for me is to grab some egg roll or spring roll wrappers and a bag of Cole slaw mix.
    I wilt the Cole slaw mix in a pan with some cashew pieces and Asian spices then use that as filling.
    I spritz the egg rolls with olive oil spray and cook the in the air fryer. You can freeze the uncooked egg rolls and air fry them from frozen and they turn out just as good. It's a very healthy alternative to regular frying.

  20. I am also in love with squirrels!!!
    Do not forget to try the sourdough at Stater Brothers…. in the aisle just $2.99. It is the same shape and size as the one you showed , but so much cheaper.
    Another great video ❤

  21. thank you for the ideas! I've done tortillas and eggs a lot but for some reason it always looks better when someone else does it! have you tried riced cauliflower? it's pricey in the stores but I think you basically just grate the cauliflower like you do cheese and use in place of rice. I also buy frozen diced onion and use a little in my scrambled eggs for flavor – I don't htink it's a lot of carbs but not sure. with the protein powder- I've never tried powder shakes other than the weight watchers (which is sweetened and expensive) and one a friend was selling a while back but had artificial sweetener in it. canyou taste this powder or does the fruit take care of that?

  22. some people swear by a watermelon and feta salad–they say it is delicious…dts/usa

  23. you never cease to amaze me, how you come up with such simple creative recipes

  24. Great ideas! I love this one about adding the rice to the stir fry instead of putting on the side. A lonely little pile of rice is so… disappointing.

  25. Another great video about healthier food on a budget. Thank you so much!

  26. Your videos are a great resource for unique recipes and ideas! Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful resource!!

  27. I loved this video! It is exactly how I eat, lower carb vegetarian…I have rarely seen this combination on YouTube it's great that you shared your eating plan 😊

  28. Great video, as always. I was hoping that you could develop a few recipes for a low protein low salt diet? I know it's not the usual but some conditions require lower protein! Thank you Michelle.

  29. I may have missed it, but did you subtract the fiber for total net carbs? Just curious. Great video! I love the schar GF pizza crusts but they’re likely not low carb.

  30. Freezing then toasting bread also lowers the glycemic response (but it has to be both in that order. Just freezing bread or just toasting bread did nothing). “Serious keto” explains the science and shows the proof (he used his own body as a Guinea pig 😂) on his channel

  31. Great ideas! I have thought about doing low carb or lower carb, mostly to curb cravings. Might have to actually give it a go. Thanks for the awesome recipes and beautiful presentation.

  32. Highly recommend the Trader Joe's sourdough! Under $4, freezes well, and has a clean ingredients list. They are longer slices, but just cut or break a slice in half and it fits in the toaster just fine 🙂

  33. We eat very similarly. With rice I have been doing half and half with riced cauliflower. I think blends well together and I guess I’m tricking my eyes into thinking I have larger portion of rice. It works for me🤷‍♀️😆

  34. What? Low carb? Idts.

  35. Great idea about adding cacao powder to oatmeal.

  36. I live in the middle of the country, so H- mart is not in my cards. However it is good to know that Aldi is carrying a cauliflower crust pizza. I like cauliflower, it's the tofu of vegetables. 🙂 you did a good job with this video.

  37. Michele! This video is great!
    As someone who likes to eat meatless but is allergic to eggs, extra firm tofu crumbled to resemble scrambled egg whites, with Mrs dash southwest seasoning, is a great sub in breakfast tacos

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