Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with SSL certificate – Create WordPress Website (2021)

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Learn how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean droplet using one click install, setup certbot to make https site with a secure Lets encrypt SSL certificate. Start your website from the scratch!

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🛑 DigitalOcean —

Learn how to Use SSH instead of root password for authentication:
🛑 SSH MAC Key Generation DigitalOcean —

⚡️🔥Complete Website Tutorial- Build Website from the scratch:


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DigitalOcean is possibly the best WordPress cloud hosting solution out there. Period.

Get a domain:

One click WordPress install:

Custom DNS to be pasted in Namecheap:

Navigate Across the tutorial:
0:01 – Introduction
0:51 – Getting a domain
3:08 – Install WordPress on DigitalOcean droplet
18:36 – Design website
21:02 – Next Steps


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