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Install WordPress on a subdomain of an existing WP site – WordPress Subdomain | WP Learning Lab

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A WordPress subdomain install is done in a very similar way to installing WordPress in a domain root. We just install to a different folder.

First thing is to create the subdomain. Inside your cPanel account you should have a link called Subdomain. Click on it.

Then fill in the simple form on the next page. Enter the word or phrase for the subdomain, pick the domain that it will be sub to and then enter the path for the subdomain’s document root.

Then click on Create. Your subdomain has been created. It’s that easy.

In the create process a new folder was created inside the root folder of the main website. That is where we’ll upload fresh WordPress files in a few minutes.

But first, we’re going to create the database.

To do this, go back to your cPanel and open the MySQL databases page. Enter a name for a new database and create it. Make note of the database name because we’ll need in a minute.

Next, and on that same page, create a new user and give them a unique password or use the password generator.

Make note of the username and the password.

Now scroll to the bottom of the MySQL database page and link to the user to the database and give them all privileges.

The database is now created and ready.

Now we’ll upload new WordPress files.

Go to and download the latest WordPress installation package to your computer.

Next, log into the File Manager in hosting account and open the root of your website. Inside that root folder should be a folder with the same name as you chose for you subdomain. Open that folder.

It should be empty.

Now, click on the Upload link in the menu system. It will open a new window or a new tab. Click the button to open the file browser and choose the WordPress files you just downloaded.

It should complete very quickly. Once complete, you can close the upload window/tab.

Now hit Reload in the File Manager. A zip file should appear. Click it to highlight it and then click on Extract in the top menu.

Click on Ok on the dialog box that pops up to begin extraction.

Click on Reload again so you can see all the files.

Click on the wp-config.php file and then click on Code Editor to open that file in the editor.

Find the section where the database credentials go and copy the info from your database in there. Click on Save Changes when you’re done.

Now, open your subdomain in a new browser tab or window. You should be presented with the familiar WordPress installation screen.

Install WordPress as normal.

Once installed you can log in and now you have a WordPress site in a subdomain. Pretty sweet!

I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.


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