Install Google Tag Manager + WordPress To Make Marketing Integration and Management Easier

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Install Google Tag Manager + WordPress To Make Marketing Integration and Management Easier

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Google tag manager lets you easily include third party code into your site. GTM focuses on marketing software integration like Google Analytics, Adwords, and other marketing platforms.

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  1. god bless you, i appreciate all your hard work

  2. How do I get a fixed contact form on a slider in WordPress website?

    if you have any videos please share the link or else please let me know how to do that ?
    I hope you will reply ASAP….

  3. If you enjoyed this video don't forget to the like it and subscribe! Then check out this playlist about all sorts of Google/WordPress integrations:

  4. Thank You So Much For The Tutorial Mr I Really Appreciate It Thanks Again.

  5. You use Divi too! Awesome! Would love a complete tutorial on setting up the Facebook Pixel with GTM and including the Woocommerce event tracking. Currently just found Pixel Caffeine by AdEspresso and will use that.

  6. Great videos and thank you for all the great information. I'm not sure about placing the code. I'm using Genesis Framework. Can you tell me if I should add the code to the individual page(s) where it says "Scripts" either for "header" or "body"? Thank you.

  7. Thank you very much
    I have a question
    I did exactly what you've said but I keep receiving these two error messages from google tag assistant:
    1:An error occured while the tag was fired: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
    2:Error while sending request: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
    What should I do?
    Thank you

  8. I have also integrated amp on my website .(02.18) . Can you please tell me what we should do in that case ? . Do we need to add both web and amp code ?

    Thanks for the awesome video

  9. I am sorry , but could not found the link for the video on " how to create a child theme " !

  10. Hi great video. If I am using GTM code into the wordpress header theme, I don't need Google analytics code or wp plugin, is that right? Just GTM should be fine? Thanks.

  11. Great explanation, Thank you. It's interesting that you included that step when using Child Theme (making a copy of header.php and adding the code there). Let's say the theme developer makes an update to the theme. Would it remove the code from GTM on the header.php? What happens to all existing data then? In my situation, I used the GeneratePress Hooks feature to paste the code from GTM. But I am running a GeneratePress child theme. Do I have anything to worry about here in terms of theme updates? Thanks again

  12. More Tag Manager tutorials (how to use) coming soon?

  13. Dear Sir, thank you for the tutorial. Can you please clarify why do I require a child theme and add the code snippet only to the child theme? Why can I not just add it to the Header.php file of the parent theme. Is it only because I will lose the GTM if I update my theme?? In that case I can just re-add the snippet correct??

  14. great video, thanks!

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