How to use Divi Builder in WordPress | Divi Theme Tutorial for Beginners

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In this Divi theme tutorial for beginners, I show you how to get started with the Divi theme and simply builder your own website with the powerful Divi theme and Divi builder.

Elegant themes provide one of the best WordPress themes on the planet called the Divi Theme. This theme allows complete beginners to create a sophisticated and professional website with ease using the visual website builder called the Divi Builder.

This video will help you get started with the Divi Theme and Divi builder so you understand all the important features and elements. We show you how to install the Divi theme and the three ways to create your website pages.

First, we guide you through how to build your website pages from scratch, then we demonstrate how to use premade templates, and following this, we share with you how to duplicate existing pages.

► In this Divi tutorial we cover the following chapters:

0:00 Intro.
01:45 Download the Divi Theme.
03:53 How to install the Divi Theme.
05:00 Create WordPress pages & menu.
08:41 How to use the Divi Builder.
20:06 How to use Divi premade templates.
24:18 How to copy existing pages.
25:20 Outro.

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Let me know if you found this Divi builder tutorial helpful. Also, if you require any help or support with your Divi, make sure to get in touch with me today.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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Stewart Gauld



  1. Hi Stewart hope you are doing well and keeping safe. I visited the ''DIVI'' official website today and while scrolling down I found an elegant part called ''The Future of WYSIWYG''. I want to build a look alike part for my website but divi's customer support says that their website is custom built do you can edit that part. Can you guide me how to build that part?

  2. . The pro version Divi theme can be downloaded for free. there are many videos on youtube. we want to buy, we have to pay more. So how can everyone use it for free? Can it be used? Will there be any problems? Is it the cracked version?

  3. Can you help. I have a divi them , on word press, with go daddy host. My designer used the divi theme and our contract ended. What do i need to do now? Is the divi theme going to be removed when i assign my go daddy account ?

  4. Thank you so much for your outstanding effort to show and explain how Divi works. Subscribed and Liked!!!! Amazing Tutorial

  5. Nice, quite informative.

  6. Brilliant tutorial thank you, I've been pulling my hair out trying to make some amendments to a site with Divi Builder.

  7. If I am going in to edit an existing website that has Divi plugin, is there a staging site or how do I edit without publishing?

  8. Just amazing!! Do you have tutorial for using DIVI with woocommerce?

  9. Excellent Video!

  10. I suggest that going forward, that your DIVI tutorials about how to make a website have you showing the completed website prior to you showing step by step how one can make it / customise a readymade template; also that you include a URL in your description that allows your viewers to visit the website that you created, in order that they may take a better look at it – as is done by many other YouTubers that have uploaded such types of videos.

  11. Nicely done mate! I like how the very basics are covered. I'll definitely come back to your channel whenever I need to figure some web stuff out. On another note, I can't imagine how many hours of coding went into the software that allows a tech idiot like me to make a beautiful looking website in so little time! Mind officially blown!

  12. yes divi theme is one of the best theme

  13. I am using Divi theme for some time. It was working fine until I made a few changes to the pages. I have added few texts on the home page. The home page loads perfectly in no time but the text which I have added takes time to appear.
    Please help me with this.

  14. From start to End you go like a BOSS Hatsoff mate

  15. Hello my friend! Thank you working with a Divi builder at the moment!

  16. Wow! After getting super confused watching a few tutorials on the Divi site (made in 2017?), then attempting about 4 more tutorials that were highly rated on Youtube…I finally watched and completed this tutorial and it was AMAZING! I went through it slowly with 2 computers side by side and I feel like I confidently know the basis of what is going on here. For context, I seriously knew absolutely NOTHING about website creation….like absolutely NOTHING!

  17. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORTHLESS WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Excellent teaching and well structured video. Amazing work and thanks mate!

  19. Hi ! You should have been hired by Elegant themes as you explanations are so clear vs theirs !

  20. You are a really excellent teacher. Made it all so much easier to understand. Subscribed! Please do more divi vids like this

  21. I would presume that his environment can be used offline to build a site?

  22. Great tutorial – I have been using Divi for a couple of years but there is always a benefit in watching a well-crafted beginner's tutorial because you will always have missed something obvious.

  23. Great tutorial, I appreciate you.

  24. Hi just woundering if you buy your costumers a new Divi builder or just use your copy?

  25. Thank you so much! I had to design a website for my design portfolio but they threw us in the deep end. Finding a tutorial that's coherent + concise (not hours long) is the best!

  26. Thank you Stuart. Simply AMAZING. So comprehensive and helpful in giving a great overview with details and examples. A couple of quick asks, if I may: you move at such a pace that I was constantly backing up. A back 5 or 10 seconds would be so helpful if available on the platform. And a larger cursor also. Sometimes had to back up to find it. Best!

  27. Jeez that mouse click must get annoying to everyone around. If there is 😉

  28. Very impressive presentation. Designed where even men can understand it. 🙂 Looking forward to the other videos. The only request is to move a bit slower when explaining where to click on a given screen. Following where the cursor was going proved difficult at times. I understand you used an Elegant Theme page for this demo. Does Divi make a Theme Page? If so, what are the pros and cons of using it compared to Elegant?

  29. Wow, You made it very simple and easy. Thanks for this Video

  30. Amazing! Thank you very much!

  31. Hello Stewart, I have watched several tutors, and yours is the first that has worked for me. Thank you, I almost gave up. Best, Abby

  32. Great video i avoided Divi because all tutorials were confusing but this one is to the point and gives us what we really need to start. Well done

  33. Very helpful. I'll rewatch later in case I missed something.

  34. Finally a DIVI video that I can follow & implement what was taught immediately! Great work. Thank You

  35. Great presentation! Thanks!

  36. Great video!! May I ask a Question: What if you activated a plugin that has pre build pages (like a sign up page for example) how do you design those pages? If you open it with the divi-builder, the content of the plugin is gone and it only appears once you press "visit site" 🤔 help would be reeeeally appreciated

  37. love this video, so useful thankyou. I'm happy with that ;P

  38. Hey, can you please explain about the BROOKLYN theme for WordPress? can it be customized using elementor? waiting for your feedback!

  39. So glad I came across this Divi tutorial. It's given me the confidence to forge ahead with creating content for my website. At 63 I thought I'd never be able to do this however your teaching/content is amazing!

  40. I have a maybe stupid question BUT how to put your own logo in the left corner where there is a Divi logo 😛

  41. You just got a new subscriber. This tutorial does a great job of covering the basics!

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