How To Start Marketing Your Small Business On Social Media In 2022


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Download HubSpot’s Official 10 Free Social Media Templates Kit Now [FREE RESOURCE]

Make short and long-term gains with these social media strategies designed for small businesses. This video will show you how to use HubSpot’s free social media templates to get the most out of your efforts to drive sales and build your brand while saving time and money.

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  1. Download HubSpot's Official Social Media Calendar Now [FREE RESOURCE]

  2. This whole inbound model seems unrealistic for most small businesses. I have hired really high end experts to author a few articles. I wrote a ridiculously detailed detailed article too. There's no evidence that anyone was interested. There are multi-million-dollar companies out there who are saturating the market with content. I got a lot of engagement on LinkedIn posts this month and nobody paid me. Nearly all of my sales come from cold contacting targeted people and meeting people face to face, in person, door to door.

  3. Welcome back with great information.

    with all greatness, you provide to the work we thank you for your time and efforts.

  4. "the nectar of the gods' got me laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Loved that you mentioned the importance of building up to your end goal with small and feasible plans first. I think a lot of small business owners forget the importance of building your brand organically with the least amount of investment. Great video!

  6. Should I create Reels in series or dedicate a day for one thing…e.g I'm in e-commerce…then Monday for marketplace(amazon) another day for e-commerce SEO another day for Shopify so on or create in series…Amazon marketing for 10-15 days then Shopify for 10-15 days so on ..?

  7. This guy is amazingly charismatic

  8. Value packed and easy to listen to!

  9. Good information for my startup business

  10. Thanks so much for this video! We will be sharing this video with our community tonight!

  11. Where's the "wrench"? The social media templates kit? I don't see it in comments

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