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Making a WordPress website has never been easier. In this Divi theme tutorial, I show you step by step how to create a professional WordPress website using the popular Divi Theme.

The Divi theme is the most popular WordPress theme. With the Divi theme, you can create every aspect of your WordPress website. You can create a custom-made header that is responsive on all devices. Create pages with the front end page builder so you see immediately what you create and in this Divi tutorial, I show you step by step how you can do that. And you don’t need to have any coding skills. This Divi tutorial is for beginners.

I will show you how to import pre-made professional pages and adjust them to your wishes in just minutes. This will make your website look outstanding while you can provide the information on your website that you want.

I will show you how to add video backgrounds, radial and linear backgrounds, mix backgrounds and colors. When you combine all the features of the Divi theme you can create powerful websites!

We will talk about the theme builder which enables you to create custom headers, custom footers, blog templates, portfolio templates, 404 page templates. And all those templates can be shown on specific pages. So you can have a certain header for the homepage and a different header for the contact page. A few years ago I needed to change a lot of things using PHP, HTML and CSS in order to achieve that. Now it is a matter of pushing a few buttons!

Making a WordPress website has never been easier and in this Divi Theme tutorial I will show you step by step how to create an amazing WordPress website using the Divi theme!

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Example Website:

Divi Tutorial Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:17 Overview
11:06 The 4 Steps We Will Take

11:37 Get A Domain Name And Webhosting
20:01 Install WordPress

23:04 The Front End Of WordPress
24:04 The Backend Of WordPress
27:01 WordPress Themes
27:48 WordPress Plugins
29:03 Create A Site Title
31:55 Make Your Website Secure Using SSL
33:32 Configure The Permalinks
35:10 Configure Your Profile
36:15 Get A Gravatar Account
37:06 Add Pages To Your Website

41:49 Get The Divi Theme
46:49 Install The Divi Theme
48:16 Add A Logo To Your Website
48:27 Use The Same Images I Use In The Tutorial
49:45 Configure Your Color Palette
51:07 Connect Social Media To Your Site
51:49 Get Auto Updates or Divi
54:02 Configure The Header

The Divi Visual Builder
58:26 Open The Divi Visual Builder
01:03:09 The Divi Panel
01:08:52 Import Pre Made Layouts
01:16:31 The Layer Option
01:17:44 Learn From The Best
01:22:05 Free Images At Pixabay
01:36:27 Create A Divider
01:40:23 What To Tell Your Visitors?
01:43:58 Adjust The Color Palette

01:54:48 Make Your Website Responsive
02:00:16 Reduce The Size Of Images
02:02:35 Duplicate A Section
02:10:20 Create An Animation With CSS
02:12:53 Add Animations In Divi
02:16:16 Adjust The Colors
02:25:06 Change The Number Of Rows In A Section

The Theme Customizer
02:26:00 Use A Boxed Layout
02:34:25 Use Different Headers
02:37:40 Make Your Header Transparent
02:39:47 Use CSS to Change The Fixed Logo
02:43:13 Add and Configure The Top Header

The About Page
02:45:52 Use A Pre Made Layout
02:50:07 Copy And Paste Styles From Other Pages
02:50:55 Extend Styles Throughout The Website
02:53:10 Find And Replace Colors
02:54:20 Edit 2 Modules At The Same Time

The Services Page
02:59:44 Import A Pre Made Layout
03:00:44 Add A Video To The Background
03:03:48 Add A Youtube Video In The Background
03:06:46 Copy Specific Styles From A Module
03:07:50 Adjust Multiple Modules

03:11:48 Create A Case Studies Page
03:12:33 Create A BlogPost and BlogPage

The Contact Page
03:13:18 Create A Contact Page From Scratch
03:23:41 Add A Contact Form In Divi

03:27:50 Split Testing
03:33:14 Create A Global Item
03:36:01 Build A Custom Header Using Divi
03:57:22 Divi and WooCommerce
04:01:56 Import A Shop Page Template
04:03:31 Make The Header Sticky

04:05:06 Extra Plugins
04:09:35 Thank You

This is a WordPress tutorial for beginners. If you have no prior experience or know nothing about coding and you still want to have an amazing end result, this tutorial is a great fit for you.

Feel free to like this video and comment if you have any questions or feedback.

Ferdy Korpershoek



  1. I’m convinced this would be the only video anyone would ever need to watch to become an expert with Divi – so helpful! And the fact that you update every year is even more impressive. Thanks for the great work!

  2. blurb blurb blurb! 😂😂…Thank you for the tutorial, Ferdy!

  3. Really complete and excellent tutorial, really thank you Ferdy ! keep it up !!!

  4. Wow! Awesome tutorial! Thank you! so glad I found your channel I was struggling with Divi that much I was pulling my hair out & I nearly asked for a refund! Looking forward to getting creative with building my site now, also please please if you could make a tutorial for woo commerce that would be amazing! 🙂

  5. Opmrlove hu plyer karo

  6. Ferdy using Divi I mean Elementor man nice tutorial man appreciate 👌

  7. Hey Fredy please can you create and updated course on How To Become An Online Entrepreneur
    Creating a landing page and a website

  8. Hi Ferdy, Ik heb heel veel aan je tutorial gehad en nog steeds maaar nu ben ik op zoek naar dat stukje waar je zegt dat je 2 stijlen kan aanmaken voor 1 website om zo te bekijken welke het meeste aanspreekt bij je klanten. Kan je mij op weg helpen waar dat ongeveer is? Of heb je daar een andere tutorial voor? Bedankt!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. Can someone tell me if there is any difference here to the divi tutorial from 2019? Which one should I go for?

  10. You are incredible Ferdy!!
    Such a great tutorial.
    I love the way that you summarize your videos content in the beginig and organize everything with time link markers to make viewing easier.
    Watching this I learn a lot of tricks and I can work much faster, so… Thank you very much for your great job and help.
    I wish you the best.

  11. And this video is for anyone who is shifting from wix to WordPress. I broke my head with elementorrrr…!
    Gonna try divi now!

  12. Hi Ferdy, hope you are doing well and keeping safe. I visited the ''DIVI'' official website today and while scrolling down I found an elegant part called ''The Future of WYSIWYG''. I want to build a look alike part for my website but divi's customer support says that their website is custom built do you can edit that part. Can you guide me how to build that part?

  13. I am on minute 58 on the video. I don't have Enable Visual Builder Button on the top. What should I do?

  14. Hey, I recently had purchased Divi using wpressdoctors code. And I am coming across a lot of posts about bad speeds with elementor and divi and encouraging shifting to currently useless looking gutenberg. I saw a speed video of yours or wpressdoctos where they got speed to 99 which seems to be difficult to understand based on how people are complaining about speed eeven with caching plugins. What has been your experience with it? I will be making some design soon on purchased divi to see for myself as well. Working on designs.

  15. Excellent tutorial, very detailed and easy information , really i appreciate your hard work. Thanks

  16. Hello, thank you sir for your lessons.
    But I have this issue:
    After installing everything and setting it up as in your video, I found out that I wasn't able to edit custom html code or even add mine. When I do an edit and click on "save settings" it won't save it just loads there for so long without anything happening. Tried all troubleshoots for 2days now. Can't seem to find what is wrong. Kindly help sir

  17. Thank you, super excellent! Is there a tutorial about how to create an anchor link that links directly to a specific accordion panel (on the same page) and opens it at the same time?

  18. Amazing Tutorial, Very Professional, Nice Base , Not boring at all, Ton of useful information and very nice video editing btw. Thx for making this tutorial this awesome and easy to follow

  19. Amazing

  20. I am working with the DIVI theme, but when I am in edit mode, I could see only the represntations, not the actual items created.

    In Youtube videos, I could see actual items on the instructor’s PC, such as text boxes, buttons, etc. That’s WYSIWYG.

    But on my PC, I could see only represntations. For example, the represntation for my header is a bar with my header text at the bottom and editing buttons at the top. That’s not WYSIWYG at all.

    Could anybody show how to get WYSIWYG ?

  21. Hi! a question, I have DIVI theme installed. but I like the design of the Extra for the Blog page (in the DIVI theme). Can I activate the Extra theme and the things that I already have created in the DIVI Theme go to Extra? Or can you create the blog page in Extra Theme, then download it in a json and upload it to the blog page in the them DIVI?

  22. You're funny lol, I love how you got away with the I like it on top joke haha! Keep it up man, these videos are extremely informational and detailed.

  23. Hello. Where can i find the other Divi's tuto please ? In which section or playlist.
    Thank's a lot.

  24. Thank you for this super comprehensive tutorial. Maybe this will make me switch to Divi after all. Can you answer the following question for me? How do I adjust the speed at which the anchor link jumps to the next section or column? thank you in advance

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