How to Make a WordPress Website | Divi Theme Tutorial 2021

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Here it is! Our updated tutorial for How to Make a WordPress Website using Divi Theme!

Get a Domain Name & Hosting for Your Website:

Get Divi:

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00:00 – Intro/Overview of Site

01:21 – Step 1: Domain Name and Hosting
07:53 – Step 2: Install WordPress
11:52 – Step 3: Activate your DIVI theme

15:48 – Step 4: Create a header menu
16:01 – Creating Pages
17:35 – Creating a Menu
21:00 – Setting your Home Page
22:02 – Create a Logo for Free
28:58 – Setting Favicon
30:35 – Adding Logo to Header

32:09 – Step 5: Customize your website
33:01 – Selecting your Template Layout
36:09 – Changing Site Colors
43:22 – Editing: Hero Section
43:22 – Editing: Contact Forms
54:23 – Editing: Services/Call to Action
57:40 – Creating Icons for Services
01:05:43 – Changing Hero Image
01:12:10 – Editing: About Me Section
01:20:13 – Editing: Photo Gallery Section
01:27:09 – Editing: Testimonial Section
01:28:05 – Editing: Contact Us Section
01:35:38 – Adding Animations to the Site

01:45:26 – Step 6: Configure for mobile versions

01:47:28 – Outro: Like & Subscribe!


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How to Backup Your Website in 5 Minutes:


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How to Create a Business Email for Free


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How to Secure Your Website From Hackers:


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  2. Thank you for this tutorial! Divi comes so highly recommended for beginners. It’s great to see how to make a site with DIVI step by step, starting is the hard part!

  3. Hi, Can you please tell me can we sign up for Google Adense for our web created from theappmine website

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  5. Do you have a video on how to transfer a domain name from blue host to host gator? i am trying to change mine .

  6. Divi looks interesting. Tho Elementor

  7. How to make SAAS business website and. How to host Codecanyon scripts please help dude

  8. A SaaS company is a company that hosts an application and makes it available to customers over the internet. SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

  9. How to host Codecanyon scripts and make SAAS Business

  10. Time stamps are super appreciated!

  11. WordPress mostly recommends bluehost more than any other hosting service. 2 years with bluehost and I have never looked back save you time

  12. Thanks for the magnificent tutorial, i would like to develop (i will try). I have a queru – – – which theme will be good for bakery Shop, can i use the very same theme, please guide me on this.

    Thanks for the Wp website development video

  13. Love you Brother! your geniuos

  14. Is Dale is in Quarantine ?

  15. After so much stress someone recommended SLIVERHACKZ on ig and he did his job brilliantly 💯💯💯💯💯

  16. Hey if any website if you want like angular, asp. Net core contact me

  17. This is very helpful thank you so, so much!!!

  18. love this tutorial I have learned a lot, thanks for that. by the way, I have a boring problem, how to update WordPress localhost I'm on windows, I have download the last version of WordPress zip file, but I don't know how to install it. i', using local from could please explain it for me even for some of us who have the same problem, please. thanks in advance

  19. Please creating a video how to create a website by avada theme. Plz upload bro.

  20. What part had the default colors setup? I missed and can’t find.

  21. How to make a website like in wordpress???
    Which plugins they are using?

  22. I haven't even watched the complete tutorial and I am giving you a "like" for the time stamp section below. I am already familiar with Divi but need to improve my skills and learn more of the elements and what I can do with them. I also forget where to find certain things sometimes. This will be really helpful.

  23. Lovely Tutorial… I have a question.
    Can we generate money, if we use only "Premade" Divi layouts?
    If yes, what are the best practices?

  24. I ran into an issue at 37:10 – got an error message inside a section "et_pb_text could not be displayed". This was fixed by updating my Divi theme to the latest version from Elegant themes website

  25. Thanks for the thorough explanations. Wow! If I already have a WordPress website and install Divi, will my content automatically be migrated onto the new theme or do I have to start from scratch?

  26. layvi haygen

  27. Some of my changes in the site aren't showing when I exit the visual builder. Can anyone give me the solution?

  28. God bless you!!! Thanks to your video I was able to redirect my blogger to a WordPress and I was scared because I brought a divi theme but i found that it was too hard to use… but I just find this video and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!

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