How To Make A WordPress Website 2022 | Beginners Tutorial

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Learn FOR FREE how to make a professional website using WordPress, Elementor, and free stock images. Making a WordPress …

Ferdy Korpershoek



  1. Ferdi, you need to slow down. You used to be a little slower which was great to me. I will take a break and come back.

  2. Thanks, Ferdy for a Wonderful, practical, and informative video on How to Build a Website using WordPress and Elementor theme. It was a very exhaustive process for you and God Bless You for your efforts

  3. Hi… I keep getting this message: "welcome to famous 5 minutes WordPress installation process" it really sucks

  4. I wish I could meet you face to face to pay you my big thanks for this wonderful work. Thank you very much.
    You are a great teacher and sincere person. This tutorial will help me surely to design my own website.
    Please keep it up so that we can learn more from you.

  5. This did not help. i was trying to follow with my own template and seems like this tutorial was just made for elementor and this template.

  6. Hi Ferdy.. I followed your video and created a website.. I created the WPForm contact page.. how do I read message from people who sent a message or comment through the contact Us page?

  7. 10000 likes from my side

  8. Amazing content Ferdy… maybe you could do a tutorial on backing up wordpress or migrating… you have a video about that from three years ago, maybe it is still up to date. I have some plugins for that like Duplicator and Updraft, I wonder if you use other plugins or have a better idea… great work!

  9. are we able to add featured product through woocommerce to the home page?

  10. I create a contact form, but how does it know where to send the message? Where do you input the email address the submit button sneds the details to>? Many Thanks

  11. I'm almost an hour into this video and just realized Ferdy is already using Elementor's container feature. That makes me so nervous. I keep hearing the update is going to roll out soon. I just learned the old way and I'm fairly new at this so I hope it's not a huge learning curve. Once the container version is released, will we only be able to work with containers, or can we opt to continue using sections and columns?

  12. This is absolutely amazing advice ❤❤❤

  13. Nice video

  14. You are a really great teacher. Thank you for the time and effort. I can tell these are a lot of work to put together for you.

  15. Nice video

  16. Nice video

  17. Thank you so much for I can build my first website for free, which helps a lot when you're beginning your business. It's very clear, and was easy to do thanks to you. Have a good day Mr Ferdy! Best regards from France 🙂

  18. Thank you, Boss
    I'm a student that follows you from afar. Thank you for making all the tutorials simple and your channel a great place to always look forward to for learning. I'm Engr Bamex from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  19. Love your tutorials . From South Africa

  20. Alot learning from you thanks man

  21. Thanks Ferdy. You are simply the best.

  22. Hello; Can you share the construction of a corporate website for companies operating in the field of Information Technologies?

  23. Hi Ferdy, thank you for an amasing guide, i am now on the bloksy after 2 hours. why dont my header show buttons like yours do? when you put a button there no show and also my menus does not show either, i realy hope i dont have to start again

  24. Hey! Thanks so much for this video!

  25. Thank you man🙏👏

  26. I can't find the link to the case studies in the description.

  27. Good

  28. DO they make you pay now?

  29. You just lost me!! There's no CUSTOMIZER on my screen! How come you have a customizer and I don't?

  30. What's the difference between WordPress website and full stack website sir?

  31. Amazing content, amazing teacher what else do we need ?? The tutorial was 3h long but I felt like it was only 30 minutes !!! Thanks ferdyyy

  32. Please I visited your website, but I didn't find contact page to reach you. Please how do I contact you?

  33. Thank you for such an awesome guide, just finished designing my website with the help of this video.

  34. I really put a lot of thought into the credit card i order from the right side of a good humanity named Ricchdawg and he as been real with everything he does till date. Y’all can give a try on him too 🔝🔝

  35. Hello Ferdy, Greetings of the day. Awesome, simply awesome video content on website creation for beginners. i have a query , query1.If I want to write my blogs in two languages simultaneously i.e. English and Hindi, can I do that? If No, what is the alternative to it?

  36. I really like how you explain everything so clearly, its interesting and fun to watch.
    If i am a absolute beginner and thinking about to create a great website and also a forum, wich tutorial would you recommend that covers everything that is up to date to create a website & forum site? This one? Got about 160 usd to spend on it, is that enough? Is it possible for the forum to generate some add money if possible? Thank you.

  37. Hey Ferdy, good morning, please am working on a site but i wanted to add a page preloader and can't figure out how to add it. I have created the file but don't know how to. I will be grateful hearing from you. Thanks

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