How to Make a Profitable Dropshipping Website with WordPress – AliDropship Tutorial 2021!

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Learn how to create a dropshipping website using WordPress & Alidropship in 2021. Discount Hosting:
Alidropship Plugin: (use HOGAN for 15% off)

Works for ANY country. As long as you have an internet connection you can follow along. Everything we need will be online. You will need Google Chrome.

Free Theme:
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You can use this video to start earning an income online or help others create an online store and sell it as service. Start an ecommerce website without any inventory today!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a dropshipping website then this is the perfect tutorial for beginners who want to get started with eCommerce.

I go through step by step how to get your domain and hosting, install wordpress and how to import products from AliExpress directly onto our website.


00:00 Introduction
00:10 How Does Dropshipping Work
03:02 What Do You Need to Start
03:06 Get Domain & Hosting
06:04 Benefits of Siteground
07:56 Install to WordPress
09:44 Login to WordPress & Configure Settings
13:13 Make your Website secure, Enable SSL
16:15 Install Theme & Configure Plugins
20:07 Getting AliDropship Plugin & Chrome Extension
22:16 Product Sourcing Tips
27:07 Import Products
33:28 Edit Variations & Prices
36:11 Import Reviews
38:42 Edit Hero Image
43:06 Create Pages
43:57 Create Logo & Favicon
49:42 Change Site Title
50:27 Website Tips
52:46 Change Button Color
53:44 Customize Menu
57:25 Set-up Shipping Options
1:01:03 Add Payment Methods
1:04:40 Add/Change Currency
1:05:20 Setup Mail (Order Notifications)
1:11:06 Test Order & Fulfillment
1:14:35 Change Thank You Page
1:17:45 Add Social Media Links
1:19:23 Conclusion

SiteGround Alternative: Since Nov 5th 2020 SiteGround may not be available for some countries. A great alternative is Hostinger (either premium/business plan). All you need to do is purchase your domain & hosting then install WordPress by following the prompts and then come back to this tutorial.
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Resources Mentioned

Available payment gateways:
Worst & Best Items to Dropship:
Website Resources:

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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Hogan Chua



  1. Hi Hogan, the video is much helpful. I have questions: 1. Can I use the Themify Theme instead of the one you downloaded on the Alidropship Official Website? 2. It seemed that when I edited the product in WordPress's product column, the text content just didn't show even after I updated the product page. Does this mean I can only edit Aliexpress products before I import them to my website?

  2. Hi Hogan, I intend to have the product layout just like the demo link, but after I imported products, I found that all the main images and/or video were stretched on the left side of the page. Is there a solution? Thanks!

  3. How do I find the Customisation Bar (u clicked on it while Editing Hero Image). In my WordPress under Settings there is only collapse menu

  4. Lovely video, very useful!! A question though; the shipping box/casing which the item will be in, would that not be covered in Chinese writing with information pertaining to duty tax? Would this not alert your customer, that it was in fact exported/dropshipped from China?

  5. How do we complete the "Taxes" section? Please explain…

  6. hi Logan why is my review not loading?

  7. Hi bro i did exactly the same for my broken link i went to dashboard >permalink >Name post and save then i went to visit site refresh it but still NO WORKING.. Do you know why..appreciate

  8. Love you Hogan

  9. Thanks fir the basic tutorial it's spot on the information.
    I guess i watch it several times.

  10. Hi Hogan, great video, thank you for it! A question, at 35:00 mins in you talk about pricing – Once you added your items to your store it said SALE. I have this appear on every single one of my imported products too but i cannot work out why the sale sticker is there or how to get rid of it. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. thank u bro now i know how does the DropShiping workes and i guess that i can open my own website and make mony from it . well done.

  12. I have not heard someone say "over here" so many times in my life and the compulsion to say "right" between sentences is extremely distracting.

  13. Hey, would we need to
    1. manually process the order all the time ?
    2. Always mention to Ali that we are drop-shipping and not to attach bill/promotions etc.
    3. Do they print our invoice and attach to the shipment or how does that work ?

  14. Thank you sloop much I have learned so much. I have been staring at my website since April trying to figure out what I was going to do with it .

  15. Hi Hogan , thanks for this video will like you to help and build me one now thanks

  16. Hi hogan thanks for sharing your great tutorial,
    When I had imported and published the product, Why I can't acces my product list on my permalink ? But in my home webstore the product is exist.
    I hope you answer my question.

  17. I pay 130 usd n still cannot make it..n need 300 to alliexpress n 300 to word press per year

  18. hey how to change the font of alidropship theme?

  19. Hi Hogan, have u tried changing the default base currency to AUD$ so that it is reflected on PayPal for a website? Is that even possible?

  20. hi,
    can we install any theme and then set up alidropship plugin ?
    like woodmart theme and ali dropship plugin

  21. SiteGround services is not available here UAE. What can i do?

  22. I am glad to receive 4btc from fexty hackers on YouTube channel, they are very guaranteed once it comes to hacking funds

  23. Hi nice work, please tell me how did you reduce the size of banner in the end

  24. Hi, how do I make a sign-up/sign-in menu for customers? no need?

  25. Hi
    Can I add my own products to a Dropshipping website?

  26. Thanks! 2 questions:
    1) What if I want to ship only FROM Europe?
    2) How do you decide the delivery time that you provide on your website if its the supplier who deals with delivery?

  27. Hi Hogan . Thank you a lot . I am supper fan of you . Hogan i want to make a local website for hotels reservations here in my country can you help with a tutorial of how to build such as website please!

  28. Is this method better than Shopify?

  29. Thank You for the comprehensive video. Keep it up! ❤️

  30. But how is this cheaper than Shopify if you still have to pay for site ground and all the extra stuff monthly.

  31. Hi! Thank you for a very detailed tutorial. Just a question, since I am just a starter, there is a Contact Us and Address that needs to be on your website. What do you suggest for a starter like me to put on the webpage? Is there a way to delete the address at least? Thank you!

  32. This is very informative.. great tutorial! I hope I can make my own website later. Thanks for this!

  33. Thank you Hogan , The video is really Help me out !
    I have a question about fulfillment 1:14:00 , if we set the fulfillment to be automatic processed, what about payments from us to the supplier, is it going to automatic too ?

  34. Hogan it was a great tutorial. It would be great if you show us how to generate sales (marketing strategies).

  35. Hi Hogan, thanks for the tutorial. I went through all the steps you mentioned and created a site. Now I am receiving this message in WordPress.
    AliDropship plugin alert: Error! ionCube Loader Loader not found. Alidropship plugin can't be activated.
    Can you advise me on how to resolve this.

  36. Thanks for this.
    Please can you make video on how to build a sport betting website

  37. Hi do you get paid instantly when customer pay via PayPal?

  38. Not able to find " aliexpress image downloader" Extension which extension guys are you using?

  39. Hello, how do I get paid if I decide to allow payment by cash ?

  40. deactivated Alidropship for a while after when active again, there is not showing Alidropship menu and other features? how can I get it?

  41. I love this hogan…

  42. Thanks so much for this video, but I have been confuse about these three things. 1. what if the item takes longer than customer's expectation? What if the customer needs a return and refund? 3. What if there is a dispute between the customer and aliexpress? won't I be hold responsible as the product was bought through my website? I am not being negative at all, just to be sure. Please I really need an answer to these question.

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