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Learn how to make an amazing WordPress website using the free Sydney Theme, free plugins and free stock images! I will walk you through all the steps in order to create an amazing website from scratch using WordPress, the Sydney Theme and the Elementor editor.
Demo site:


I did a lot of research to find the best WordPress theme and editor. I combined those and with free stock images you can create amazing websites using this Sydney Theme Tutorial! And if you don’t want to spend money on webhosting I will show you in this tutorial how to create a website on your local computer!

Here are some links I use in the video:
Get Serverpress:
Images in website:
Get the Elementor:
Get the Sydney Portfolio Plugin:
Get the Custom CSS links:

Overview of the tutorial:
0:00 Overview of the tutorial
6:22 Get a Domain and Webhosting or
14:03 Get ServerPress and install WordPress on your computer
17:53 Clean Up The WordPress Backend
22:12 Create Pages for your Website
24:54 Create and Configure the Menu
26:56 Get the Sydney Theme
29:55 Download the Images I Use in this Tutorial
30:46 Configure the Sydney Theme
49:11 Download Elementor
50:56 Create the About Page
1:10:16 Add a Button and Anchor Link
1:13:12 Change the Footer Text
1:16:31 Create the Services Page
1:31:12 Buttons, Sections and Anchor Links
1:44:40 Create Your First Blogpost
1:58:01 Configure the Blog Settings
2:04:22 Sidebar Widgets
2:08:16 Create the Portfolio Page
2:23:20 Add Footer Widgets
2:29:31 Create the Contact Page
2:34:47 Create the Homepage
2:42:18 Overview of the Website

Useful links:
SEO Tutorial:
WooCommerce (Webshop) Tutorial:
Mailchimp tutorial:
Google Analytics Tutorial:
Google Analytics Dasboard Tutorial:


Ferdy Korpershoek



  1. Kinda stuck right now. On the Development Website" page when I click on .dev link, I get an error message stating that my "Connection is not private". Is there someone out there who can help me?

  2. Thanks for your Video Tutorial.
    I want know how to design a stock image download website.
    how to design home page. like
    Please Replies my question. I am waiting.

  3. The about page is not going to the full width no matter what I do. While in elementor it shows full width but when I refresh it in another browser it is not. Reply please it doesn't look good at all…

  4. How can I add a Call To Action button with the top menu?

  5. Hi, I would like to ask if this elementor has a certain right for the website or design we are using since I have paid the website hosting and the domain, I have full right over it. Now if we use this elementor, does it has sort of rights to the design we are doing?, I am afraid it will just one day shut down our hard earned design and mess the website. Please let me know and answer my question. Anyway, you have a very understandable website.

  6. Sir my footer is not being changed, after editing the footer.php option. Help me out.

  7. Great job Fredy! I learned a lot from this tutorial. Please make more on WordPress and PHP . Thanks and have a great day. 🙂

  8. Hi Ferdy, this is an excellent tutorial which I am truly happy for. One thing you did not go over was how to get the website live if we continued creating on the desktop server option. I have all my info stashed on the local server with no idea how to go live. Please help?

  9. have a problem with elementor plugin. I cant drag and drop

  10. Tout à fait EXCELLENT… BRAVO… quelle maitrise ! (Macinstosh depuis 1986)

  11. Uitstekende Tutorial 🙂
    But I have problems: After editing with Elementor, how come when I preview / visit the page/site, it still shows the site-origin (WordPress) editor's page-layout?

  12. hi , sedney theme its work for all types of websites ???

  13. thank you this video about sydney you help to learn and practice (i agree with others is on of the best tutorials ! ! ! ! Thank you ! ! ! !

  14. Hi Ferdy….I am getting (UA- 123456) kinda codes at the top left corner of my website….how to get rid of it. Can u plz help??

  15. Awesome sir.. I am from India and wanted to learn Web design you made tat dream true… Thankz a lot sir had got lot of idea from ur videos.. ?

  16. plz how you make minus option 1:42:47??

  17. second question , can we use ur method with elemnetor if we wanr create aother siteweb type and with other themplate type ?? thanx

  18. Good Job…Thanks

  19. Hey Ferdy,

    cheers, great help, very nice template with good features and …. lovely accent 😉

  20. Which Word press is this .Org ?

  21. the header slider is showing on all pages, when I choose to site header type as "No header" it disappeared from the front page too. please help.

  22. hey, ferdy, great tutorial. I want to ask you that can i place Adsense adds in header or sidebar or mid in the blog post or can I add ads gadget to this theme. please reply.

  23. One of the Best Tutorial on youtube, Great!!!

  24. After Installing Severpress, while starting it Error Pops up saying : Failed to locate framework DLL,
    Please Help me on this.

  25. Ferdy, the Problem Solved !!!
    i Actually located the framework file & pasted it next to .exe file, m ready to to start.

  26. Ferdy, Great job! I learned so much about Elementor and Sydney from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills.

  27. The free version of DesktopServer does not change the .dev/.test tld to the .com tld when exporting to a live server. Does anyone have a workaround solution to solving this problem? Ferdy – Love the tutorial…thank you for making it. Do you know what to do?

  28. I have followed the tutorial step by step….literally, (which is amazing by the way!) and yet I am not receiving messages that prospective clients say they are sending via the contact form. Any ideas why? Thank you!

  29. I have never watched any video in such detail as this. An excellent tutorial. As a beginner I'm building my website just by following this tutorial. Thank you very much Ferdy you are just awesome.

  30. As I'm building a website based on this theme without the demo content just by following your tutorial, I have an issue on the projects page. The plugin that you recommend to be downloaded from your site is reflecting "bad gateway" error, could you please solve this issue for me. Thank you in advance

  31. I have purchased the domain from godaddy and hosting from bluehost, currently I'm using wamp as my local server.

  32. Thank you very much, I could see that the plugin page was accessible & available now. I could download it and use it accordingly. Thank you very much for the timely update.

  33. hi ferdy…. i need ur favor… my one page ( services ) showing nothing …. before stuff showing on service page ..but now showing "nothing found"… plz… plz help me out….thanks in advance.

  34. Great Tutorial! Helped me a lot.
    Thank you Dear Mr. Korpershoek 🙂

  35. I dont know why but i cant seem to edit the sydney default homepage. Please what can i do?

  36. Hey Ferdy Thank you for such an amazing tutorial…it's just that am having issues editing the projects pages using elementor i keep getting the preview could not be loaded…i've googled for help but nothing seems to be solving the problem…any advise?

  37. great work…one of the best videos out there ..

  38. hi my elementory is not working

  39. Hi Ferdy! Thanks for this video!! Just want to ask. Is there a way where I can integrate woo commerce to this theme? Thank you. Appreciate the help.

  40. Great show, priceless help. Thank you very much

  41. Dear ferdy my Elementor 1.9.4 version Upgrade button is not working plz help me i press again and again but not work tell me about this problem sulotion….

  42. Hi Ferdy congrats, can we use WooCommerce with Sydney theme + Elementor.

  43. Bro you are too good….!

  44. Hello Ferdy, I was following your tutorial. But, when I am trying to use Awebooking free plugin. It is messing with CSS. Please visit:" " . Can you please advice a solution. Thnaks

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