How To Install WordPress Theme And Child Theme

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How To Install WordPress Theme And Child Theme
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In this video I show you how to install a theme in WordPress and the special child theme I am providing to you.

You will need to install this WordPress theme to follow along with this how to create a website tutorial series.

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  1. What I don't get is when the parent theme is updated, how on earth do you get those updates to the child theme?

    Or is the child theme left to remain the unloved step child for the rest of eternity?

  2. Where do I get the child themes download

  3. I downloaded and activated GeneratePress and I am using a LifterLMS platform which now gives me the message "The current theme, GeneratePress, does not declare support for LifterLMS Sidebars. Course and Lesson sidebars may not work as expected. Please see our integration guide or check out our LaunchPad theme which is designed specifically for use with LifterLMS. Please advise asap. I will not move forward until I hear from you. Thanks so much.

  4. Hi Adam,

    I want to know what to do if I have already do the customization in the parent theme (which means my page not a clean WordPress installation), do I have to delete the whole page or how to transfer those customization from parent theme to child theme?

  5. Adam – a little late to this fantastic party but I was wondering how you were going to address the "receive payments" for your course comment in one of the previous videos in this playlist.

    I am in the very same boat … I have absolutely zero issues with paying for the LifterLMS payment option, but only once my courses are actually generating the income to do so 🙂

    With your resource files, I can now, finally, update from LifterLMS 2.7.11! 🙂 (last free version to have this option).


    PS> thank you so much for this tutorial as it has given me the impetus to get my "you know what" in gear and get this thing going! 🙂

  6. Hi! so far so good but i have an important question, is it possible to translate the child theme? because my audience speaks spanish. Im trying with loco translate but it says i can't (it only allows me to edit the generatepress theme which i already edited). Thanks!

  7. Gravatar's giving me problems. It won't connect my details with my website. I tried making a new account, too. It would be a lot better if we could just upload an image instead of going through Gravatar.

  8. Hi , Sir, I want to purchase pro Version of Elementor and Theme for this project, please tell me sir which ELELMENTOR AND THEME i have to buy for this Project and where from i can buy ?please please help and provide the details. Thanks

  9. has the lifterlms plugin changed? I only find one that looks like a spaceship.

  10. Hi Adam! It didn't give me the option for the page setup and the Sample Course ?? 🙁

  11. 15:54 Smtp owner sold the plugin? it doesn't appear tested with current WP install. Using Easy WP SMTP instead?

  12. hi Adam, I think I should meet you a week before, when I wanted to public my blog first blog, and do EVERYTHING by myself. Well, things didnt go well, I stopped doing my page when I started to have technicians problesm as -make a double language page……Later I discovered my healths problems (yes ,all these druing 7days) so I totally gave up with my blog. BUT I see a light today, meeting you so maybe I am still able to go back to blog idea, improving some idea. etc.????? But now (and please, dont kill me if you already had thousands of questions about it) I need step-by-step somebody's advices: I build already my blog as home page, contact, post 1 post, about me and then I stopped. What if I want to change a theme totally? can be something for free, as Amadeus, but maybe I will buy a pro theme….anyway, How to change the old one into a new one? (mine is probably a personal project, I followed one of YT channels so I did all what he said) – excactly, having no knowlegde about blogs. And probably the builder is not gonna cooporate with any other theme….So- it's not a problem to lose the work I did already (I don;t like it anyway) but what I should do step by step? thank you.

  13. Thank you for the amazing videos and easy to follow instructions. Before starting to build a new WordPress site with online course following your instructions on the video, I have another question. I have one product, a physical book, that I would like to sell on the same website with the online course. In addition, I have editing and translation business and I would like to add something similar to my current site ( ) to the online course I am going to create because people who will take the online course I have in mind will also be interested in my editing and translation service. What would be the best way to incorporate all of these elements into my new site? Which content should I start building first, online course, main content, or shopping? I would be grateful to receive your expert advice.

  14. Thank you for what you do! You are amazing!
    Thanks to you, I've actually built my own training platform! I feel like a superhero now:) Lol!

    Quick question. I installed that Pay Pal Extension from the package. However, for some reasons, PAYPAL credit cards option payments do not work. I can accept payments through papal, but not through credit cards using pay pal.
    Do you know what might be an issue? Thank you!

  15. You are amazing. Keep going.

  16. Hello ! i cant files the files to download for the child theme : (

  17. Hi, Got a question,

    1. Should you customize the child theme on a fresh site instead of the parent theme, if your theme author provides you with parent theme and child theme? Should you even install both?

    2. Do you reactivate the parent theme after customizing your blog using the child theme?

    Got really confuse here please help,

  18. i am not getting child theem. from ware i can download it? reply.

  19. Thanks for your video, Adam. I tried to download the folder from the "Download Resources" link on your website, but nothing happened. I tried it on Safari and Chrome.

  20. excuse me, where can i find child theme? in the description there is only the page to generatepress. Thanks

  21. Hello Adam! Quick question. Do I need to purchase a licensed LIFTER LMS package to use their Stripe Extension? The thing is: I have purchased STRIPE extension from LMS website and it does not work for some reasons. I have an SSL certificate in place, so I have no idea why is it not working.

  22. The WP Mail SMTP by Callum MacDonald changed name and is now the one with a bird graphic called "WP Mail SMTP" by WPForms

  23. Everything went well just LifterLMS looked a bit different from the one you downloaded and I didn't get the set up page like you did but there is a place for set up i will cross that bridge when I come to it..

  24. Hi Adam, I know I am late to this. I can't believe I missed it all those months ago. Any how, my question is, will this work with LifterLMS? I am in the process of building my courses through them. Maybe I should just spend the 100.00 on their particular theme? The last tutorial I did with you, it was for setting up LifterLMS, but I never finished it.

  25. Thank you Thank you Thank you. From someone with dreams who has never known how to execute them. Zig Ziglar would hold you up as such an example of his philosophy

  26. I have Betheme and Betheme Child installed and a existing website with content but it has issues.  A new Bethemes and Betheme child was purchased
    I tried uploading new theme with similiar name but it says there is already a directory with that. 

    Do I need to rename things.  I'm not sure how to do this.   Will things crash if I rename it.  Will it work.

    What is the best way.

  27. Love Generate Press theme, man. Just activated it! Looks clean and crisp

  28. You are an amazing Human . The work you are doing helping millions and definitely there could nothing be a better service in this technological world than teaching them how to create amazing websites .Thank You

  29. When I install lifter LMS plugin, I get an error message 'Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.' How to go about it.

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