How To Create A Real Estate Website With WordPress 2017

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In this video, I will teach you how to make a fully responsive real estate wordpress website. This wordpress tutorial will help real estate agents, realtors, or property managers create a fully functional real estate wordpress website. The theme i use in this tutorial is the agentpress pro theme created by studiopress. Trust me, i spent about 1 month researching real estate wordpress themes and this was by far the best real estate websites. The theme is very easy to use and very responsive on the mobile devices.

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07:12 Get Hosting And FREE Domain

14:05 Install Agentpress Pro Theme

20:32 Install Plugins For WordPress Theme

28:26 Intro To Widgets To Design Front Page

33:14 How To Resize Images For Your WordPress Website

34:45 Create A Property Listing

45:05 Registering Taxonomies

01:03:45 Creating The Middle Section

01:12:26 Creating Bottom Section

1:15:00 Creating The Footer Section

1:23:00 Creating The Sidebar

1:27:10 Creating a Logo

1:31:12 Using The Elementor Page Builder

1:42:55 Elementor Page Builder Tutorial


1:56:19 Mailchimp email setup

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Thank you for watching my tutorial on how to make a real estate wordpress website!

Darrel Wilson



  1. Can this site be made to switch back and forth between two languages? Is it just a plugin that I would need?

  2. Plz make a video " how to make wordpress website like uber cab"

  3. Hi, can you add page numbers? And is there a widget to do auto Ref Number, So condo sales would be CS123 condo rent, and condo sale or rent CSR123. Thanks.

  4. Can u change the layout color scheme with ease or Is the template fixed and not much area to edit the layout and stuff

  5. Do you have the pictures that you used for the site?

  6. 8hours before you have published some new wordpress video. There is no such video. Not in Moscow. Maybe didn't arrive yet.
    Very important to tell users that they have to type /wp-admin (I don't know in English the name of that place) when cannot enter the site. For me to discover this took 2days! At least for those who work with tabs. Thanks bro.

  7. Do I need an IDX from my MLS?

  8. I am wondering if this will work with the Canadian MLS system & adding DDF to stream listings automatically to the site.

  9. Can't u just edit the template. Without adding all the plugins basically just add properties and change the name

  10. The unlimited domain plan… it comes with SSL…. and my question is….. if i have 10 domain name in that one hosting… does all 10 domain have SSL … Free ?

  11. downloaded genesis framework and AgentPress Pro but they are not ending  of .Zip. how can I upload them in WordPress ?

  12. Great tutorial, I followed each step and it is the best tutorial I've seen on how to make a real estate website, I do have one or two questions though, are you able to modify the homepage using Elementor? and how can you add a slideshow on the homepage instead of one background image?

  13. This theme, can use Chinese language ?

  14. To list a property does it have to be through the admin, can it be done through a dashboard like listing on ebay

  15. The Gallery on the property doesn't have that scroll option when I click on the gallery picture I have to close it an go to the next to view. How can I fix that? Also I have another theme so I feel like it is harder to follow your steps because of all the widgets and plugins added.

  16. what if thousands of people accessing this kind of website at a time. Will it crash or will it work fine?

  17. Hi Darrel 
    can you give some good themes of real estate website?

  18. I want to build a site in which realtors not related to the same Brokerage can come to the site, choose to pay for any of three memberships, and put their listing ( the number of listing is related to the kind of membership that they had chosen. What theme should I choose, and what additional plugin, I will need. Thank you

  19. how do we insert the mls feed

  20. Hey Darrel great videos!, can you build this website using Divi & Custom Post Types like CPT plugin?

  21. hello darrel and many thanks for this TUTO
    i juste want to know if there an extension that i cant use for ratings apartments and make a resevration (like a calendar)? cause i built a website exactly like your demo but for rating apartments

  22. I have a question. Can you use 4K photos and videos with this tool? like can i follow your video and work with 4 K ? get back at me asap

  23. realy approve this video ! great job!

  24. im going to sub to your chanel. You have a great chanel that can help me in my way to success. sorry if i spell bad but i dont have a spell tool plus i got dylexia. but any ways great job with your chanel!

  25. can you have diffrent emails when it comes to contacting me and my partner for an example

  26. Thanks for your tutorials . I watch for one hour so far , it a nice one.How will we run real estate business
    1) Who will pay us for this service( buyer , seller )
    2) Who will addd photo of real estate and announce .
    3) Is there application for mobiles?


  27. how do we change the units? we use the metric system

  28. Hey Darrel. Just finished your excellent video. I would imagine that a super-beginner would possibly struggle a bit here, but I have built websites before. When you explain why this does that and so forth, all very easy for me to understand. Thank you so much for taking your time to explain it all. I am going to watch your video again to follow along while I build. Thanks so much!

  29. FYI: I had some trouble with I'm not sure it is free anymore. After some looking around on the web I found It's free and works very well to resize pics.

  30. I have two problems

    1. I want to list a specific listing in a column in Elementor but only see listing "featured listings"
    2. I want to have a For Rent section and a For Sale section and don't see how to separate the listings the Taxonomies only do so much.

  31. Awesome Tutorial, I do have a couple of questions.

    1. Can I set up IDC (Connect to MLS). Very important in our industry.

    2. SEO is crucial to drawing leads to our websites…is there a way of setting up.

  32. Darell…im stuck at uploading genesis or agent pro theme. for what ever reason im not able to upload either of those in my dash board…please help!

  33. Hi i saw that the wordpress has a business plan, isit better to use direct wordpress business plan or we buy our own hosting and domain then add in wordpress thanks

  34. Hello Darrel and thank you for this great and usefull video!
    Does this support area zip codes from other countries such as Greece and greek translation?
    Thanks in advance

  35. Darrel,

    When adding a new listing, after filling out info and getting maps etc, when I click on "send to text editor" it never shows up. Would you know the issue by any chance? Thank you for the help

  36. can some one help me please?
    i have installed all the plugins and all work well. i can see the listings from dashboard but once i publish it i can't see it from the web.

    this is what i see: The requested URL /resital/listings/sacre-coeur-3-10208/ was not found on this server.

    every this is ok, except the listings. what should i do then…

  37. i need help please:
    in adding listings, i do every thin g, but once i click view the post (look at the video 43:30), this is what i see: The requested URL /resital/listings/sacre-coeur-3-10208/ was not found on this server.

  38. Is there a light version of this theme? I just want to practice but don't want to pay the 60 dollars

  39. Its Just Amazing and very Helpful video, Thanks Brother keep it up..
    i have some question if you provide me the answer i will be appreciate
    1:- I don't wanna use Logo inside the navigation bar, i wish to use logo on the top of navigation bar(in the center).
    2:- I want to change the color for the navigation i want it actually transparent


  40. Hi Darrel, once I load multiple properties, how do I link the listing to the options of (Rental, Sales, Lots, Comercial Properties)? I appriciate any hope on this.

  41. Hey. How can I change the contact me form into spanish?

  42. Thank you. Extremely helpful.

  43. Hi Darrel, I saw your youtube very interesting creating the real estate agent. I already have a domain name, and web hosting myself, now is to purchase the Studio Press the AgentPress Pro theme, Please advise where I purchase and follow your instruction to start creating the website myself, you can send the link to thanks

  44. Any discount from you?

  45. Is there a way to include a custom logo in the navigational menu instead of a text?

  46. How do we make the slideshow for the listings bigger?

  47. too legit.great work

  48. Hi Darrel I think your movie is great!
    I followed it step by step.
    I can't figure out why the following doesn't work by me: I am making the listing and I click on "send to text editor" but it doens't appaer in my text editor… Feeling sad…

  49. Awesome video. What if I want to add a section where house owners can have their own accounts.

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