How to become an Android Developer

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Learning android development is easy but a lot of students get confused in it. With this video about how to get started as an android developer, I have tried to clear up confusion about android development.
On a quick list, you need a decent hardware, need to learn java and get started with basic android development. Then further move into complex apps using firebase.

You also need to register with google by paying a small fees to publish your app in google play store.


Hitesh Choudhary



  1. can u make android app plz repyl

  2. can your please Text me on my whatsapp or any other plateform… i don't want to disturb you… but just a touch … please .. +91-8192953269 … this is difficult but.. possible.. thnx i am waiting for reply ..

  3. ??

  4. Please tell me which site is paid for learning which is less time consuming

  5. Communication Fluency To Deliver Is Waoo!
    Thank you Hitesh

  6. Are bigg boss

  7. Are you saying about blue java

  8. what about python ? can we make apps with python?

  9. Will it work smooth on 3gb ram?

  10. Sir iam BCA student but I like to become a programmer which master degree is helpful for my programing future

  11. Sir which programming languages must we know to develop a android app

  12. Reply please sir which programming languages must we know to develop a android app

  13. Reply please sir which programming languages must we know to develop a android app

  14. Reply please sir which programming languages must we know to develop a android app

  15. Reply please sir which programming languages must we know to develop a android app

  16. Hi Hitesh , I recently graduated and know some languages (basic level), I'm thinking to start my carrier as an android developer, can I just start with Java directly because I have heard it's too complex, I'm just stuck in android vs web, what do you recommend! thanks

  17. Android power!!!!!!!!

  18. thanks for the guidance.

  19. what is your iMac specs

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  21. nice explanation bro. i like ur videos

  22. Have anyone who will develop a app for me..rply please,i will pay him

  23. hi buddy !!
    can we use Kotlin directly without learning Java for anroid develoment?

  24. I've been an Android developer for almost 3 years and I think your explanations on the topic was awesome for newbies.

  25. Nice explanation!!!

  26. Do I need to know xml

  27. Nice 🙂

  28. Can u please suggest some book

  29. Sir it's been an year almost, and I can code well but still that confidence is not developed as a programmer……… Can u help me out..,pls if u can

  30. If you want to give me a project, then you give me a contact number

  31. bro i want to start my program learning journy but i am not getting my way so can you help me plzz………

  32. Is core java is enough for android development plz tell us sir

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