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In this video I show you how to get 1840 professional and free templates for Elementor! What I love about these templates is that they come in complete Site Kits so you have homepages, about pages, contact pages, features pages in the same style. In that way you can import a complete website by choosing all those pages and that gives you more time to focus on changing the content of the website you create.

In the beginning of the video I show you what I wil teach you throughout the video. We will make use of the Envato Elements Plugin for WordPress. I use the Astra theme and have Elementor installed already.

I show you how to create a websites from scratch using Envato Elements. There is also a pro subscription of Envato Elements but in this video I focus on the free one.

Ferdy Korpershoek



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  16. I just get a "class–plugin.php not found." when trying to activate the plugin

  17. Hi Ferdy. Awesome tutorial. So for now 2021, what free and paid plugins/subscriptions do we need to do this website tutorial as per your demonstration?
    Elementor pro/free? Envato elements? Astra?
    Do you have an updated 2021 version or is thisrelevant now? (Same plugins etc work?)
    Do you recommend this for designing sites for clients or just personal?

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  22. Do you need Elementor Pro for this Ferdy? Or the Free Version?

  23. Hello Ferdy, I have a question. I was trying to create my site for e-commerce and turns out that I can’t download any starter template as you did for your e-commerce tutorial using Astra, this is due to Astra problems. Since I need my site ASAP would you suggest me to do my e-commerce site using this templates or should I just wait until Astra get its issue fixed? Thanks for all the knowledge you give to all of us.

  24. I have to buy elementor pro.

  25. this is exactly the kind of thing i was looking for thanks a ton !
    you are a time saviour for me .
    I cant thank you enough .

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  31. I can't find where I can import template

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  33. Can I ask, what is the reason you are using Astra instead of the Hello theme? What plus sides do you get with this? 🙂

  34. Hi. Is there any free templates for trading currency education?

  35. this saved my educational life ! thank you so mutch !

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  38. Are those mobile responsive?

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  43. Do you have simmilar plugin to envato elements? I am talking about reafy to edit websites😉
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  45. how did u get a blank website to build off of
    I cant seem to find one in wordpress

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  47. Hi, Ferdy! Thank you for the tutorial. I jus didn´t get the screens as you show here, don´t know why.

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