Easy Photography Portfolio – How to setup a photography portfolio with a free WordPress plugin

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Building a photography portfolio with WordPress should be easy.
That’s why we’ve made a free plugin for WordPress – Easy Photography Portfolio.

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you the basics of how to use the plugin.

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Welcome
00:14 Install “Easy Photography PortfolioWordPress Plugin
00:46 – Make sure the pages and settings are correctly configured
01:04 – Make sure that the Portfolio page is selected in the portfolio settings
01:40 – Edit the predefined “First portfolio entry”
02:44 – Create your own portfolio entry
03:52 – An overview of portfolio structure and categories
04:01 – Use quick edit to quickly assign a portfolio category
04:41 – Categorize the portfolio using a dropdown WordPress Menu
06:04 – Set the portfolio as your homepage

Useful Links:

WordPress Hosting: http://go.colormelon.com/siteground
Download the Easy Photography Portfolio Plugin: http://easyphotographyportfolio.com
Plugin Demo: http://default.portfolio.bycolormelon.com
Plugin Setup Guide: https://colormelon.com/easy-photography-portfolio-full-setup-guide
WordPress Themes for Photographers built with Easy Photography Portfolio: http://go.colormelon.com/themes




  1. Is it possible to use links instead of uploading my own photo's to the gallery? I don't want to go through my data with all the photo's I've got to use.

  2. Hello guys! I am really happy using this portfolio plugin:) It is clean and simple. But I have a problem. If I click on a certain portfolio, the website doesn't take me to my photos, but instead it takes me back to the homepage. I tried a lot of different settings, but sadly I can't find the way how to solve the problem. Could you please help me? Maybe it is easier if you have my link: http://alissaklijnstra.com/portfolio/category/fotografie/ Thanks in advance!

  3. What a life saver. Thank you.

  4. Sorry if I'm missing something but where are the settings for inserting the wording on the images?

  5. I am getting a 404 page could not be found when trying out this plugin-. Any idea of what the issue is?

  6. Possible to add a clickable facbook icon on top of the pictures ?

  7. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how to remove the title of the portfolio that's displayed after you click on a portfolio. Currently I have different categories like Bird/Nature/Landscape. After I click on say Landscape, it has "Landscape" written at the top before all the pictures and I'd rather have it without. Here's the page http://kinacoustic.com/photography/

  8. Thanks! This plugin was exactly what I was looking for. And it's really easy to use. YAY

  9. The update button is greyed out for me at all times??

  10. The portfolio images don't show up. In console I get 'Cannot read property 'addAction' of undefined' and 'Cannot read property 'fn' of undefined'

  11. Hi! Thank you, your explain was so clear! But I have a problem…. oh… how can I explain…; I created one gallery portfolio following that tutorial, alright. But I have a problem. I would like to create another one, in the same level on the menu, called ''personal work''. This gallery should be independent of the other one (the main, the portfolio) but the plugin options dont allow me to add another gallery 🙁 how can I get this? Thank you!!!

  12. I can't add the portfolio categories in my menu, there is no top menu option in the display location… Is it because of the theme different???

  13. How can I arrange the order of the galleries?

  14. I'm in love with the plugin and everything about it, exactly what I have been looking for for a long time now. I do have an issue tho, the categories don't show up. What am I doing wrong? My page: http://rakeles.com

  15. Your plugin will be very useful, thanks so much!

  16. Quick WordPress and plugin noob question.
    My portfolio website needs a makeover. I especially like the "Horizon Portfolio Theme". Can I use this plugin and WordPress to upload/host a full usable website on a domain I control and pay for? Or is this only doable with some sort of subscription where you pay WordPress or can only host it on a wordpress url? Simply put: is this a basis for creating a website with no strings attached? Except for the 75 dollar price for this plugin. Is this annually or just one time payment?

  17. Hi 🙂 This plugin is great, but I have two questions. Where can I change caption "View gallery"? I have to translate it. And where can I change the title of portfolio page? I could't find it in settings 🙁 Thank you very much for your help.

  18. The plugin is almost perfect but when uploading the images are not shown orderly there is way to be able to solve it?

  19. Great tutorial. I made my entire site with this. Thank you. Just one problem. When you select a gallery from the menu. You don't land on the gallery itself but a secondary page that requires you to click on the gallery featured image. For example. If I select my "portraits" page from the drop down menu I'm taken to wordpress/portfolio/category/portraits instead of just wordpress/portfolio/portraits. Is there a way to change this?

  20. Hi! I love your gallery!. But whats the way to make the thumbnails on the grid smaller? And how can i set a gallery as a PAGE? insteag of cliking the page and having a feature image that goes to the gallery. I would like the images to display directly when you click the page. it is possible?

  21. Hi! How can we add titles to the images of the galleries?

  22. Hi. Seems like a nice plugin but when I create the category menu item as demonstrated in the video I receive a 404 Page not found error. When I try to access it the WP Admin I get the same error. Has anyone else experienced this before?

    Link has same structure as in the example and earlier comments. domain.tld/portfolio/category/exhibition-stands/

  23. helo great content, i would like to ask why i cant categories my portofolio like minutes 4 : 42? in my wordpress only all photos showing. not like that.

  24. what is the theme you are working with? All the gallery plugs so far don't tell us what themes (if free) work with the gallery plugins and it's hard to know if the plugins you are demonstrating here will work with a theme that is already a gallery like theme (Iike Orviz or Portforlio Press, etc) On those themes so far I can't edit very easily so I am about to buy a theme. Could you tell me what theme work with your plugin you're showing? THanks in advance!

  25. Can't use plugins with personal plan.

  26. Hello
    Sorry for my English, this is very bad.
    Please say what search is the best on easy photography portfolio? Ajax search lite is not working right on Sydney theme…

  27. @Colormelon, when I set up the categorie 'parties' and go the the site for testing it. It shows an error after I clicked on the categorie 'parties'. What did I do wrong? Thanks 🙂

  28. Thank you colormelon, it's been a while I was looking for a simple and easy portfolio settings.

    2 quick questions:
    when I add text to my main page portfolio, it does not appear. Any suggestions?
    Also, is there a way to just integrate this portfolio into different pages? like a shortcode to insert into wordpress?

  29. Have this error when trying to edit an entry: "Fatal error: Declaration of CMB2_Type_File_List::render() must be compatible with CMB2_Type_Text::render($args = Array) in C:Xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentpluginsphotography-portfoliovendorwebdevstudioscmb2includestypesCMB2_Type_File_List.php on line 13"

  30. Hello! Thank you for this tutorial, i need to show categories on te page instead of all the albums, i can do this?
    (sorry for my english)

  31. Thank you Colorlemon. Best plugin I've used for gallery/portfolio. I was wondering if there is a way to set as a masonry gallery when adding as (Gallery Setting) "Link to Media File". Only option is Grid and Slideshow. Thank you again!

  32. It's not working here … I was able to create the portfolio gallery, but when I click on an album to see your photos the 404 error appears.

  33. Is there way to set up a sub-category portfolio so when you click on the main portfolio page, it only shows the main categories, and then when you click on the portfolio with the sub categories under it, then it brings up links tot he sub category portfolios?

  34. can I build Photography Portfolio without Business plan? please let me know 🙂 thanks

  35. Gallery don't show up (?) problem

  36. Is it possible to delete: toggle full scree, zoom in and out and share buttons? e.g. when I open the portfolio and click on a photo it opens into a carousel and on the right hand side at the top are these three buttons. Can I possibly delete them? and if so how? Thank you.

  37. Hi, thank you for sharing your portfolio! Could you let us know a way we can edit portfolio title please? On my site this looks very small and I am not sure how to increase the font size. http://www.aditanase.com

    Thank you!

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