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Heroes (Dota 2)

The heroines and heroes (original: “Heroes”) are the primary playable entities in DotA and Dota 2. In a game, each player takes control of one of the 112 playable heroines and heroes. Each hero and heroine is a character with different attributes, abilities and roles. Each heroine and hero can also be categorized by the default attacks, which happen either in melee or ranged attacks.
Valve plans to develop their own heroines and heroes for Dota 2 after the release of the classic heroines and heroes from DotA Allstars, as Erik Johnson previously announced in a 2014 interview. After the release of Arc Warden in December 2015 and that of Underlord in August 2016, the first hero developed exclusively for Dota 2, Monkey King, appeared in winter 2016, although it was at least based on concepts from classic DotA and appeared there as an event boss opponent. The Dueling Fates update announced in August 2017 confirmed the release of two completely redesigned heroes.

Abaddon – Biography

“The font of Avernus is the source of the family’s strength. A crack in the primordial rock from which a haze of prophetic power has risen for generations. Every newborn from the cave dynasty of Avernus is bathed in the dark haze, and through this ceremony establishes a connection with the mystical forces of the land. They grow up believing themselves to be the steadfast protectors of their straightforward traditions and customs of the realm – but in truth, it is the baptismal pool itself that they are protecting. And the intentions of the haze remain veiled. They say that something went wrong when the child Abaddon was bathed in the basin. A light of knowledge blazed in the child’s eyes, startling everyone present and causing even the holy scholars to murmur. He was raised expecting to follow the same path as any Avernus descendant – to become a warrior so that he could lead the family army into battle in defense of their ancestral lands, should the time ever come. But Abaddon was always a loner. When the others were training with weapons, he would immerse himself in meditation in the presence of the haze. He drank from the vapor that rose from deep within the well, learning to connect his mind with the power that lay dormant deep below. He transformed himself into a being of black mist. This caused resentment in the house of Avernus – the old and young members of the family alike accused him of shirking his responsibilities. But all accusations stopped abruptly when Abaddon rode into battle and they saw that the powers of the haze had given him a power over life and death such as no ruler of the house had ever had before.”