Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT Made Simple: Counselor Toolbox Podcast with Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT Made Simple: Counselor Toolbox Podcast with Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

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  1. Very educating and helpful. Thanks a lot

  2. Really helpful. I enjoy listening to you explain how the DBT process works.

  3. Please list the books you reference. Thank you.

  4. No many videos are as informative, this was indeed useful for a therapist new to DBT

  5. Very interesting a bit over my head as Im not a counsellor. Looking for DBT training for patients. I'd appreciate if anyone could recommend a video or site that teaches people thankyou!!

  6. Very helpful, thank you!

  7. If someone could do these things theme they wouldn’t need your help would they ?

  8. Thank you for you interest and clear insight on DBT, very useful for someone with BPD.

  9. Excellent, and simply explained.

  10. The thing is… if you're doing DBT properly it is not simple and if it feels simple – you're not doing DBT effectively. That's unfortunately just the facts of the matter. There's no short cut to reading Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (1993 Guilford Press) repeatedly, getting intensive training with reputable people, and having an experienced DBT supervisor watch and rate your sessions.

  11. Why can’t I find a “professional” who knows how to even do this?

  12. This works for a person with borderline personality disorder. What about a person with BPD and, narcissism?

  13. Well done

  14. Fear is the difficult emotion I find to self sooth

  15. I am currently in the process of doing a DBT program in the beginning I thought mindfulness was such an obvious thing until you really dig into it love in the program and the information

  16. u cant just work on suicidfulnes people can be suicidal cause their life is shit. u need to give them hope on fixing it which means solving their goals.

  17. im so grateful for this channel. thank you for these!

  18. 47:58 about distress tolerance – but you can't run away from any stressful situation.
    for example you have cheated on your partner and they found out, wanted to talk, but you freaked out and said many untrue negative things about them along with "it's all your fault" and "i don't want negative talks anymore, bye" and you are having fun every day with a new partner in front of your old one, didn't even answer about "should i forget you and move on?".
    some regular positive activities – they are just have to be in person's life. but stressful situations sometimes need solutions-resolutions.
    the worst setup is to "runaway from all the negative in your life".
    you will feel some relief after discussing with someone (well, some will pose themselves as a victim and ask others for validation..)
    if it's interpersonal and a solution could not be found in a dialog, one of you or both need a therapy.
    50:10 well, this is better, but probably will take more than a year to develop these communitation-reaction-response skills
    thank you for this video

  19. This pairs well with the mindfulness workbook "The Days to Reduce Depression" by Harper Daniels.

  20. Loads of eye opening information. Thank-you immensely.

  21. 👍

  22. Why are all therapists middle class white women? I can’t relate at all.

  23. Thank you. Presented clearly and easy to understand. I am going to try and put these tools into practice.

  24. I’m sorry, but if mommy beats you, she doesn’t love you and it shouldn’t take a PhD to figure this out


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