Building an Off Grid Log Cabin for Recreation, With Insulated Floor | Hunting, Cooking Pheasant


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This is my 8th episode since I came to this beautiful place in the middle of the forest.
In this episode, I called my friend to my site so that he pulled out with a tractor all the roots that grew in the middle of the site. Now there is a lot of swamp here, which greatly worsens the working conditions, but soon I will sow this place with grass.
I started building my new log cabin, which will serve as a small kitchen, steam room and shower room. Also this summer, I plan to start building my large log house for permanent residence.

In this video, I made concrete pillars that will be a strong support for the future house, I also made the first part of the floor, in the next episode I will start with the insulation of the floor and sewerage.

March is a great time for wildlife photography. I set a lot of camera traps far in the forest, so I hope they took a lot of interesting shots that I will share with you in my next videos.

Enjoy watching.
See you out there…

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  1. Mr. Brenton; a gifted and talented young man in so many ways!!
    (Juli Vellido's from the Bay Area, I live in the Central Valley, California USA; almost neighbors.)
    Appreciate & respect your dedication to your craft. Your reward will be outstanding, as always!!
    Grandson & Granpa support you 100%. Take care and remain safe & healthy.

  2. ชอบดูจัง

  3. G'Day Bjorn good to see you keeping busy and I enjoy watching you use your building skills once again, looking forward for the next episode so take care and stay safe mate 😁

  4. Always superb work! Glad to see you back! You are going to have quite a beautiful place there someday! It's come a long way from your little cabin in the woods! Stay safe& GodBless💪✌💟

  5. Coucou salutztions plaisir de te revoir bon travail courage je t apprécie 👍🔝🔝🔝🌈😘⚒️

  6. Great progress! You have to give more camera time to the dogs.

  7. How I wish you can upload your video at least one episode every week.. the once in a month is too long.. but we will be waiting.

  8. Hi Bjorn,
    Great to see you back again. What are the shaving you are putting into your hot water cup? Enjoyed watching you build your floor, putting the joists, and the floorboards. I'm impressed every time I watch your construction skills using mostly hand tools. Love the echoes from your hammering. Great job on construction. A good foundation is important. What are the directions in relationship to your house and barn? Running north/south or east/west? Seems you have furry friends interested in your project, too. 🐕🐕From viewing your project, we're looking at a sizeable house 🏠 Thank you for sharing 🤎

  9. Nice to see u again ur so hard working person and the place it is very peacefull and calm by the way keepsafe and continue ur hardwoking person

  10. I’m sorry, I’m sure your a wonderful person. But haven’t you exploited the trees in the forest enough for your You tube channel. You already have a cabin. Please stop cutting down trees. Please stop killing them. Small foot print! 😢

  11. тревога в укрытие..от куда деньги на это все не понимаю…

  12. Que perrete mas guapo!!!!
    Me encanta como estas haciendo la nueva cabaña.

  13. трактор советский но где это)

  14. живодер((

  15. You are a craftsman and no doubt your build will be solid as well as long lasting.

    It is disappointing that your videos are infrequent because they are a joy I would like more often.

    Thank you and take care!

  16. Looking forward for your wildlife photography, I love nature that's why I also love what you're doing, log cabin is my favorite type of house, wish I could have one someday ☺️❤️

  17. Amazing work! Peace Brother.

  18. A patient and meticulous carpenter. Really enjoyed your video.

  19. Très belle vidéo, wow les couleurs !! vous chassez … travail nickel, au millimètre..Respect.. bonne continuation, bon courage..passez un beau weekend 😁 connexion nature 💚

  20. Nice work!!!! Love it

  21. God bless your new build. Very strong foundation. Thank you for your video. You are a fantastic cook too. Beautiful dogs. Wild life is so abundant where you are. Nice to see you again. You and your family stay safe and strong 🙏❤️✌️☕

  22. 21:34 Fatal shit, man.

  23. Love to see your notifications come up! Ice project Bjorn. Can’t wait to see the progress!👍👍

  24. อิจฉา….อยากไปจัง

  25. What's with the "hand sawing" when you clearly have been using a chainsaw for all the sawing? You are not impressing anyone.

  26. 💪💪💪✌🍀

  27. I like that you build everything with thought and heavy duty. I like that your building off the ground and are going to insulate the floor. Good job young man.

  28. Feliz por verte otra vez. Espero que puedas regalarnos la continuación de este nuevo proyecto muy pronto. Se te echa de menos. Te felicito , porque tu trabajo es impecable y eres digno de admiración. Recibe un cordial abrazo y bendiciones desde Gran Canaria.

  29. I hope to meet you someday

  30. You are an AMAZING young man! Wish I knew you personally. Great work.

  31. Nice work…only thing I have noticed is little bit to big overlap by the middle concrete post,full size of wooden beam should be resting on concrete post,like on the corners…

  32. Qué alegría verte de nuevo, sano y salvo trabajando!!! Dios te bendiga y te proteja!!!

  33. olá! amigo Bjorn, adoro seus vídeos
    e muito feliz com o seu progresso
    o celeiro está ficando muito lindo
    parabéns! sou sua Fã
    Deus abençoe

  34. great job on the sub floor and foundation , your hardwork will Pay off .

  35. I've liked you and enjoy watching you make things and the peaceful beautiful scenery. You seem like a nice guy, but knowing you would be cruel to animals buy hunting them and shooting arrows into them makes me feel sad and is difficult for me.

  36. Happy and glad to see your video again Bjorn

  37. When the second part ?

  38. Love everything about this video! Can't wait for the next one! You are the cleanest cement making person I ever saw! lol

  39. In Germany we don't say: "Oh, this can get really nice there." 
    We say: "Entschuldigung?! Haben Sie denn eine BAUGENEHMIGUNG dafür?!1

  40. Hej Björn !! Härligt att se dina framsteg ! Allt går fint till för dig och dessa 2 fina hundar önskar nog bo hos dig 😊 Må Herren hjälpa dig , beskydda dig
    och vara med dig … du tappra mannen . Hälsningar från Sverige .

  41. WOW

  42. So happy to see you're ok. We were all worried!

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