Breaking Down HubSpot's Inbound Marketing, Sales & Service Software. (My HONEST HubSpot Review)

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Breaking Down HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing, Sales & Service Software. (My HONEST HubSpot Review)
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If you’ve been in the marketing space for any amount of time, you have heard of the company HubSpot, but, maybe you don’t know who they are, or maybe you do know about them cause they are using Cold Emails very effectively and using inbound marketing (HubSpot content marketing) very effectively in front of everybody in the space. You might be wondering “Is Hubspot any good?” or “What can Hubspot do for me?”
After using & understanding HubSpot for a little over a year and talking to other digital agency owners about their experience with HubSpot Enterprise, I want to share everything in detail about Hubspot & HubSpot tools including:
What can HubSpot do?
HubSpot Packages
Using HubSpot for Agency growth
The HubSpot SEO tool
HubSpot Funnel
The HubSpot Freemium model
HubSpot CRM
HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is an all-in-one Sales & Marketing automation toolset with a range of tools from HubSpot SEO, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Email Marketing, HubSpot funnels, & more.

In this video, I break down HubSpot’s inbound marketing, sales & service software.




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  1. Want to learn how to grow or start your company during this recession? Check out the free presentation at

  2. I've used HubSpot and a lot of other marketing automation platforms over the years. I feel like Hubspot is great for businesses that have some marketing infrastructure in place already and that have the revenue to support the large price tag.
    I have a similar YouTube Channel and I'd welcome anyone reading to SUBSCRIBE. We teach sales and marketing strategies to small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups.

  3. Hey Alex, thank you for the video! I have a quick question: what cold email outreach software do you recommend ?

  4. Thanks for the video. We are a small agency deciding whether it's worth becoming a hubspot partner. Question… What do you use for CRM?

  5. Hubspot is a trash company. They has notoriously horrible contract terms. They require YOU to remember to call and cancel your control at least 28 days before it ends. If you call a week before? Too late. If you call after you realized it auto-renewed? Too late.

    Then, they will come after you for that full years contract amount ($12k plus depending on plan) even if you never used their software at all and even if you TRIED to cancel. They will put your company into collections, and they will require a notice of insolvency to wipe away the debt (again if you need used their product in the new contract cycle).

    Since when is this a best practice in the SAAS industry? Awful awful company.

  6. Is this a sponsored video?

  7. Honestly guys, great content. Follow our CEO in the link and learn how to build a company from ground up.

  8. Nice back ground.

  9. What is best App best marrketing automation company focused on social?

  10. Any recommendations for a comprehensive all-in-1 marketing automation software for a new marketing department that is doing B2C? Something that can cover seo, email, analytics, social media, competition, funnels.

    Thank you!!

  11. You talk really loud and clear but your month isn't moving much, I think you're a droid.

  12. Dude this is the worst video I’ve ever seen.. you didn’t even explain what any function on hubspot actually does.. all you did was name drop other companies

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