Brackets Extensions – TOP 30 Extensions

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Brackets Extensions – TOP 30 Extensions
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In this video we will cover the best Brackets Extensions.
3.Extension Rating
4.HTML Skeleton
5.Super Right Click
7.Zoom Wheel
8.Tabs Custom Work
9.No Distraction
10.Brackets Tree Icons
11.New Window
12.Bootstrap Starter Template and ACB Bootstrap Snippets
13.HTML Comment
14.Quick Form Tool
20.Refresh and Reload
22.JS and CSS Minifier
23.Export PDF
24.Open in Browser
25.Special Html Characters
26.Brackets Color Palette
27.Autosave Every Edit
29.Brackets CSS Color Preview
30.Brackets Snippets (by edc).All the videos in Brackets Extensions Playlist


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  1. How about listing there here as well.

  2. Very usefull video,
    thank you!

  3. Thank you for showing the back end of the BRACKET Editor.

  4. just tried brackets – couldn't​ get the FTP extensions to work – gave up in the end going to buy coda I think.

  5. Thankyou very much mate! Looking forward for atom and sublime modifications 🙂

  6. Thanks for this useful information

  7. Отличное видео! Спасибо и удачи

  8. Thanks, fatface! – Johny

  9. thnx a lot bro

  10. HOLY CRAP EMMET IS AMAZING! that plugin alone got you my like lol.

  11. thanks man

  12. I started watching this video thinking I was only going to see 5-8 min and I actually finished watching all 45 min, hit liked, and subscribed. I never do that. Good job!

  13. Sooo let's open the extension manager…! Nice vid

  14. You speak very good English.

  15. Anyone else having trouble with Zoom Wheel? I am on a Windows 10 machine, and it does nothing after installing it when I use my mouse wheel.

  16. ty

  17. Overscroll is missing others are great
    But bracets Tree Icons are less attractive to me then Icons of the Custom works extensions, and if you check both you will have doubled icons everywhere 😀
    Thanks for creator and collector…

  18. Great work… thx alot 🙂

  19. Hi that was really useful. But what should I do if I want to select entire of a tag .For example I want to select all the contents and tags inside of an <div> tag. By default when you click on a tag it highlights the start and end of tag but I need select all of it automatically. So I wanna find a way to select all of in-siding elements of a selected tag.



  20. Say bye bye to sublime text editor

  21. thanks man !

  22. awesome i dont we can do this much with a text editor

  23. man i can't believe i sat through this whole thing. I just got into brackets and your video was very informative. Thanks

  24. this is well deserved sub

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