Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2018 (for Beginner and Intermediate Bloggers)

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— #1 Theme for Beginners – Divi:
— Another great option – Avada Theme:
— Fastest theme (but less user-friendly) that we use on our blogs – Genesis Framework:

You can also check out our related article on our blog here:

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  1. Took me a little longer to upload this than I would like due to traveling to Colorado. What theme do you use? Do you like it? Hate it? Share your experience with us in the comments below to help other peeps out. Cheers!

  2. been looking out for your posts brother……where you been?

  3. Thanks for helping me think correctly….. R

  4. I have 25 years working in IT to include development. The free stuff is rudimentary and requires some programming knowledge to tweak. I find this especially true with Shopify themes. As you said, expect to commit time (30 hours is extremely conservative). Genesis sounds like it is even more complicated. If you guys have to hire developers, then I would be weary even with my experience. Thanks for the info.

  5. Awesome Intro man

  6. Amazing video on best themes for WordPress for blogs, indeed, the looks does matter, very supportive for beginners and intermediate as well, keep up the great work!

  7. thank you for posting the video, i've been looking for it on other channels, but now that you posted it, let me study it.

  8. The decision on whether you should have the fastest or the most reliable theme that gets your feet wet in this new technology is an underlying theme in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Our narrator finds himself going up into the mountains, but then, he has to come back down because he wasn't ready. Being zen is working down in the valley, the same thing happens in Christianity when you have Moses in the mountains talking to God and the people down below waiting impatiently for what will happen to them if they don't act at the fastest possible speed. You see it in the cause of an accident with Amtrak; the engineer took the rail at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone, and he derailed over a busy I-5 corridor in Washington state. I couldn't even begin to explain how there have been more people in recent years who have run into fences, McDonald's store fronts, or barricades without bringing in the possibilities that they were drunk (on their own technology) or not paying attention to the maintenance of their own vehicles.

  9. Thanks Alex. Great vid. I was just at the point in trying to figure out which theme to get. Your timing could not have been better!

  10. Great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I would be interested in getting to know more about selling digital products and selling physical via amazon. It would be great to know more that part of business.

  11. What do you think of Vista Print?

  12. So I went with the Divi Theme. Should I focus on trying to understand how Divi works because I’m not getting far with the Blog course. Honestly, I nod off watching all these videos!

  13. This video was very helpful. I like they way you organized your recommendations. Thanks Alex!

  14. Just today heard about Elementor…what are your thoughts on that one?

  15. great video …. what about elementor them. should i start with it?

  16. Fuack, I started blogging just a couple months ago, and I bought Genesis. Many hours put down into "customization" on my "Sample theme" later it's "OK", but nothing special. Now I know that I should swap to Divi kinda soon.
    Thanks for the informative video man!

  17. exactly what I needed man. thanks

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