BEST Page Builder for WordPress? | Elementor vs. Divi vs. WPBakery

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Choosing a page builder for WordPress is important. How do you know the best page builder for WordPress? I’m breaking it down in today’s comparison of Divi vs Elementor vs WPBakery.

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0:00 – Intro
1:01 – Elementor
4:11 – WPBakery
6:12 – Visual Composer
10:26 – Divi
13:09 – Which Page Builder is Best for Me?
13:52 – What About Gutenberg?
14:25 – My Personal Favorite
14:51 – Conclusion

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  1. Well wonderful video again took a lot of information but nobody has on YouTube and no one is going to appreciate unless they have actually tried building a WordPress site and they know the difference. So I guess what I'm saying the chef in the kitchen should know his viewers so they can be part of his ingredients I suggest you start with your fans and ask them what work press think that you have built that you are proud of or what website

    Do people find interesting because there's a big gap between those people who know this stuff and most people who are comfortable at their Facebook page while going to be making this transition into owning a website having a brand which is where all the money is. So they need to be a mass conversion from regular folks forget the old friend and build their own sites and this is probably one of the biggest argument I've been having with myself after going through the WordPress experience I have a blog and I also have a site but the site is a major project and the blog is a personal project so I have a lot to say on the subject. Let me give you the site that I'm talking about on my next comment.

  2. I like Gutenberg

  3. Dude… Seriously?! I was just googling all of this that you mentioned, what a coincidence!!

  4. I've been using Elementor for a couple years now. My theme came with Bakery, but I hated it! Elementor is so much easier to learn, and lets you do a few things in code as you learn. I'd like to upgrade, but haven't yet.

  5. Have you tried Bricks Builder? If so, what are your thoughts?

  6. great vid!

  7. Divi sounds like the best long-term deal in pricing and the interface looks like a blast to use. I would probably choose that one.

  8. This is so good. I'm shocked by the low views and sub count. I subbed!

  9. Hey, I like your videos and appreciate you teaching me a lot earlier this year. I also like how you show a bit of your drums in your website, so we learn more about you.

    Could you please make a video on your process for client web design? I see on your website it said that you are pretty much booked, not sure if that means you are on client projects….? Maybe not. But I am very interested to see how you handle that process.


  10. I would love to see a video on Zion Builder. I am trying to move from Elementor because it is slowing down my website. And optimizing Elementor to get a decent google speed score is a nightmare. Divi and WPBakery have the same problem.

  11. Great review! I've used all 3 and prefer Divi for simple websites and Elementor for more complex websites. WP Bakery is too old school as it was one of the first editors I've ever used years and years ago back when it was Visual Composer.

  12. WordPress was never made for websites in the first place. So you need xyz plugins to get even basic things done. WordPress visual builders often get a bad reputation from developers who look under the hood and see horrible HTML code output and a lot of unnecessary bloat being loaded.

  13. What do you think about brizy

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