Best Form Builder Plugins for WordPress

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Gravity Forms – 1:08
Happy Forms – 6:54

Josh Hall



  1. Thank you Josh for share this. I no know about "HappyForms", I will check this weekend, thanks. I love Caldera Forms, seriously is one of the most complete WordPress forms on the market, I have years using the free version and really it have powerful and advanced options. I hope you can check it. See you soon. Cheers!

  2. @Josh, do either of these options allow basic reporting, ie print or export data in tabular form? Thank you.

  3. My favorite is formadible forms, I bought when it was 120 USD lifetime but now it much more but very good form builder

  4. Thank you

  5. Nice one Josh! Hadn’t heard of happy forms looks great. Another worth a look it Forminator which is totally free and lots of integrations –

  6. Nice, thanks! I've been happy with CF7 and Conditional Fields for CF7 and recently Ninja Forms, but I'll have to check out Happy Forms. I like the Customizer interface a lot and the sizing options are great. I've done the half-width side-by-side design you showed on many builds, so that would be a timesaver.

  7. Happy forms seems really similar to the default Divi contact form with how you can set it up and customize it. Is there just less risk of it going into spam?

  8. Thanks Josh, I have been looking hi and low for an easy to use form builder. Thanks for both Gravity forms and Happy Forms.

  9. I don't know about gravity forms but Happy forms sucks

  10. Great video. I'm looking for a form/plugin that includes email confirmation.e.g. Once my client fills out the form and submits, I want an email to go out to them automatically. Can anyone help? by the way I use wordpress platform…thank you in advance.

  11. Yay! Thank you. Been leaning towards Caldera as I need to start with a free builder for now, and their multi page form function would be good, but didn’t know about Happy Forms… gonna try that 😃

  12. Great presentation very straightforward. Maybe a bit more needed on the hook up to Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Nevertheless, thank you Josh

  13. Josh, Thanks for this videos, it helped me find and use a good form creator for my new wordpress site…thumbs up

  14. Happy forms is NOT free anymore, it's about $95 a year.

  15. Hello Josh,
    I was looking for the best Form builder and I found your great tutorial. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the channel!!!

    One question, in minute 4:44 when you are showing the website Lucky Bones you point out there is an option to DROP files to send through the form, my question: could these FILES be "attach to mail" and not store in the server when using Gravity Forms? That would be ideal and great. Could you solve this doubt?

  16. Is it possible to build the form is such way that when a customer submits it, it will automatically turn into PDF file that would be sent to your email? If it is possible, then what form do you suggest for that?

  17. I was hoping, by your comment about forms built into a theme being notorious for going straight to spam, that using Happy Forms might fix that. But I was wrong. First form I created went straight to spam. They are moving many fields into the "paid only" version. So it doesn't really matter anyway. lol
    I'll have to learn how to send a form using a SMTP plug in.

  18. Good tip, thanks.

  19. I want a class sign up form which can be used as class sign ups and when there are no classes available it should take to a interest form which when filed notifies when classes are available……Please Help!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Your videos has been a real help 👍Thank you for your work

  21. Thanks Mimi.

  22. Hello Josh, Thanks For The Share Awesome Form Builder Review. I would Like to Add One More Powerful And Popular Form Builder Plugin (ARForms) ( on the list.

  23. In today’s world, where you can find at least five alternatives to every website, the scope of converting a prospect into a customer is very narrow. And if your website does not have a contact form, your chances are even slimmer. However, it is not that hard to integrate a contact form on a WordPress website. There are plenty of contact form plugins, which can make your job a lot easier.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.


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  24. I will recommand you jotform.. it is the best form builder

  25. Hey Josh, do you know if Gravity forms has a signature capture?

  26. Excellent video.

  27. Thank you Josh! I'm heading over to Happy Forms right now.

  28. Nice video!Thanks for the video. This is a really amazing form builder. But the thing I don't like about happy forms,

    is that they removed some features for the free version and added them

    in the pro, some months ago. But Bit Form has many features in the free version and a lot of third-party integrations

    with all advanced features.Just for the Black Friday offer! Bit Form Provide Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin at $5.

    WordPress Org:


    Demo Video:

  29. Anyone else think that the Quform WordPress form builder plugin should get a mention? 😀

  30. Thanks for the good info about Gravity, heading over for a purchase.

  31. Happy Forms doesn't show a free option anymore.

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