Best Adsense Responsive WordPress Theme May 2017 | Unlimited Adsense Earnings of 200%

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This video will explain the best adsense optimized wordpress theme in 2017. This wordpress theme for adsense is absolutely free. Enjoy unlimited adsense earnings by using this wordpress theme.

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  1. thanks, nice one

  2. But I pasted the codes in the headed and have been waiting for more than three months now no approval and they keep saying we are reviewing your site and it will take 3 days. What could be the cause of this problem?

  3. thanks

  4. thank you!

  5. Thanks Lancer I'll do it right now.
    Hei bro please make videos how to place adsense ads in different ways. I'm finding good videos on this topic.
    Thousand thanks for the tips

  6. hi my friend LANCER i want to ask you if you know a tutorial to delete the Floating Bar Social or how can i modyfy this?

  7. i use this theme superads and i can't modify the Floating Bar Social

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