Asians Were Skinny On Rice For 1000s Of Years – Then Things Went Terribly Wrong – Doctor Explains


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Asians Have Been Skinny On Rice For Thousands Of Years – Then Things Went Terribly Wrong. White rice, brown rice, Basmati rice, Jasmine rice, etc all bring thoughts of Asian foods from China or India because most Asian diets have some rice. But then we hear that carbs in rice make you gain weight, so how can people in Asia be so skinny?

You are going to learn if what you believe to be true is really true. are the Asians really still thin or has a different reality caught up with them as well. There is also a nutritional comparison between white rice and brown rice. What is the difference and which is better for you stay healthy and lose weight.

📚 Book mentioned in the video:
📘 Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think
by Hans Rosling , Anna Rosling Rönnlund , et al.




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  1. 🔷 Watch this next: 7 Facts About Carbs

    Learn more about how to reverse insulin resistance
    9:50 the book mention can be found on Amazon
    Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think by Hans Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Ola Rosling

  2. totally true.Iam chanese .my parents said thay were always hungry when thay were young,often nothing to eat.then we had much batter life last 40 years, my father got type II diabetes when he was middle 40s.Luckly my mother always do Chinese IF: olny eat 70% full,so she was still fune.

  3. I'll celebrate my birthdays with sushi and sake from now on!
    People will think I'm weird: is that your birthday wish? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Sticky rice is the only sugary carb I can eat without flaring up candida overgrowth in my sinuses, getting oral thrush, nasty headaches, intestinal upset, and endometriosis flares up. Literally the littlest amount of sugar will have me feeling dead.
    Ketones also feed candida, so I eat sticky rice to prevent myself from going into ketosis. I don't need to lose any more weight, and I have an adequate amount of muscle.
    I cannot eat brown rice. Research has actually shown that brown rice is worse than white. Your body can't get the nutrition out of it, even if it's technically there, and it causes inflammation. It is not a smart choice of fiber.

    It's also important to point out the different types of rice. It's not just brown vs white.

  5. Thank you Dr. ! 😄👍

  6. I guess the blue shirt was in the wash

  7. love to know what you think the right diet is

  8. It's dietary fat that inhibits insulin reaction.

  9. Let's see one comparing calorie restriction v. intermittent fasting. If the results are the same and you calculate the calories and discover that overall calorie consumption is the same, then it's just different roads to calorie restriction.

  10. First of all, I like your videos and I do follow many good and great advice from you.
    Sir, we need to eat something….This is no good, that have to high glycemic index, the other have too much saturated fat, and so on.
    Can you teach us what to actually eat, plain and simple. What is good for us? In your videos so far 99%, seems to be bad…

  11. Consuming foods with and cooking with soybean and other crappy oils have contributed to a lot of this obesity and health problems.

  12. Can I eat jasmine rice if I’m trying to gain weight ?

  13. You are leaving out Southamerica, where lots of people consume white rice ,three times a day.

  14. I am in the Japanese countryside and 95% are skinny, from young to old and many drive cars. I see people eating all kinds of carbs from rice to ramen to udon and breads and cereals BUT they do walk and ride bikes or go to the gym. They seem more conscious of how much junk and feel more a pressure to gain even a few pounds. In US my fam, including Japanese mind would eat more mindlessly and later in the night and not much pressure stay thin. My Japanese hubby is almost 60 and eats lots of carbs (but not level many people eat in the US) and no illnesses but he works out hard at the gym for three hours weekdays. But I have noticed some Japanese getting chubby or the extremely rare fat Japanese and hubby said this was less common before. I think there are so much delicious sweets and junk in stores and if you stay home and not walk/bike/exercise and not buy into the peer pressure voila. Also I think seeds can be engineered and have adverse effects, along with pharma really pushing pills all over the world and some like statins can make pips more vulnerable to diabetes etc. In US my parents are on various pharma cocktails and in Japan it isn't as bad but growing. I have also heard of food engineers able to make products that are addictive. Lots of things going on.

  15. Simple:
    For thousands of years, Asians ate glucose and were healthy.
    Now, they eat glucose and fructose.
    There is your answer…

  16. Hi doctor
    I’m from Iran
    I really need
    I have rosacea,and I did every thing about this,please make a video about this ,and remedy

  17. And my weight is 56kg
    My high is 167cm

  18. Hi Dr. Ekberg, could you make a video about pcos?

  19. The reason why is they are now eating SAD….Standard American Diet.

  20. that makes no sense to blame the rice tho. if it didnt make them fat before it wouldnt now. i think youre leaving out a few things.. its not west exporting their culture of over consumption and their goods like soft drinks and fast food and what chemicals are being used in food production that effects hormones. this has nothing to do with white rice.

  21. seed oils

  22. seed oils, everything fried in seed oils, pigs and chicken all raised on seed oils.

  23. Old or lazy and eating too much rice; wake up.

  24. Jasmine rice does have b vitamins

  25. I felt bad once im not eating rice while gather with fam because my dad harvest those rice by his retirement he growth his own rice.. left home early morning and back for bfast and continue around 3p.m to taking care of those rice fields…😭

  26. the number one person I come to for diet questions. Your a beast

  27. Your a genius!!

  28. not sure for how long western minds will deal with food in isolation don’t look at food combination , weather and other factors

  29. I lived in South Korea. I fed my Korean son loads of fresh fruits, steaks, and salads, etc. We ate out most times with great variety. We were always active traveling and going places.

    By 30 years old he now has fatty liver. His Korean mother has died and his sister's are now fat. They all have Ivy League educations and have succeeded well financially, but they all are very poor health wise.

    I never knew an Asian who did not complain and show disgust if they had no rice for more than 8 hrs. Addiction or tradition?

  30. Your hypothesis is incorrect here.
    How much time have you spent in India?
    I think you would be surprised to find how little white rice is eaten.
    A ton of tandoori bread, fried products, dairy products are consumed…and everything and I mean everything is swimming in ghee. (Some bread I eat would have 10tbs on it)
    As more Indians have come into the middle class they have moved away from simple rice dishes in place of the above products.. and their weight has ballooned out.

  31. Carbs aren't the problem. Oils that are in literally everything that isn't cooked yourself. Even penut butter has vegetable oil.

  32. I’m half Asian. I grew up in France but I would go to Asia at least once a year on holidays. I have seen the change in diet happening. In most Asian countries, the basic meal is white rice + veggies + fresh herbs + a little bit of protein (chicken, fish, meat) + fresh fruits as dessert. Not a whole steak to yourself + mash potatoes with butter mixed in + cake as in Western countries.

    Then, Western food started becoming more and more popular due to globalisation and fast development. This includes AMERICAN FAST FOODS. From there, I started seeing a rise of chubby kids and fat adults. But before this started, it was very rare to see a really fat person.

    Rice isn’t the problem. A lot of different Asian populations are/were thinner than your average American and tend to live longer as well.

    All the sugary, processed foods and salt in Western food culture is what is killing people. All the wheat as well.

  33. I know this is an old video, but facts are timeless.
    I just wanted to attract your attention to a single consideration missing from this video.

    Since 1750, and then truly ramping up in 1850, we have been belching co2 into the atmosphere.
    We have already learned from indoor growing studies that co2 enrichment increases growth and yield, but has a significant effect on the carbohydrate to nutrient density profile of ALL of our edible plants.
    since 1750 we have added 50% to the carbon in the sky. this is turning all of our foods into sweeter and less nutritious junk.

  34. Is brown rice better than long grain basmati

  35. Look up Golden Rice , Introduced my Bill Gates in S/E Asia. It’s a hybrid rice ( allegedly made with some plastic ) and the people protested on the streets. I stay away from rice period. I sense it made its way to our stock here I. The states … covertly of course.

  36. Please do a video about turning starches in grains, tubers, etc., into “resistant” starches.
    Are these for real? Can chilling starches after cooking, cause them to NOT spike postprandial blood sugar?  
    Can this really be a safe way for those with IR, or flagrant diabetes, to eat starches safely, to get the fibers that come in them? (Eating the fiber, germ, skins with the starches)??

  37. The crazy part is, Hong Kong has the longest life expectancy and 8 out of 10 are skinny. Their diets? You guessed it..carbs from morning to night

  38. I'm so blessed to be 60 years old and at the same weight as when I graduated high school. I became vegetarian at 12 years old, became vegan for the next three decades, and have been keto eating wild caught fish for about the last 10 years. Have been intermittent fasting since high school but never heard of it until a few years ago. I am in perfect health, do not drink, smoke or take drugs and am on zero pharmaceuticals. I live an active lifestyle and always have plenty of energy.

  39. The whole world is getting fat. I have traveled everywhere for work and Europe, Asia and South America all have tons (pun) of fat people just like we do. It's a global sugar and carb pandemic.

  40. I love rice, but I get inlammation from brown rice. (Sensitivity/intolerance). White rice is fine. Im doing keto right now, so no carbs but white rice was one of my staples on a carb diet. 🙁 i will try some other rices when i go back to carb.

  41. Awesome thanks, I’m 72 and been very active up to a year ago, then I started to go down hill big time. I am very very interested I following your tips. Also in that first 70 odd years I would have consumed plantations worth of sugar!!

  42. I got fat since drinking beer…

  43. Bad combo of carbs and fat. Picking one or the other seems to lessen weight gain.

  44. Cooked and cooled white rice becomes a resistant starch. I am sure that years ago large amounts of white rice were cooked and the cooled and stored for later meals. Not all carbs or starches are bad for you.

  45. farmers in my country are skinny and muscular. They eat white rice three times a day. They said they eat rice especially in the moring because they need more energy to work in the farm.

  46. Drs Lonsdale and Marrs have written the definitive (IMO) on Thiamine Deficiency “Thiamine Deficiency, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition”. Worth a read!

    My husband died of an undiagnosed case of non-alcoholic Wernicke’s. His Drs refused to treat him with intravenous Thiamine, which is the only way to treat TD once the enzymes that process thiamine have declined.

    The best way to avoid Wernicke’s and other health issues is to eat properly (as Dr Ekberg is promoting).

    Very sadly, too late for my beloved.

  47. One word. Hamburgers..

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