{842} Single Switch "Forward-Converter" Topology


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in this video {842} Single Switch Forward Converter Topology, i explained the single switch offline forward converter topology, how forward converter works, it is isolated buck converter, using single switch, it can provide up to 250 watt output power. forward converter transfers energy directly the from the input source to the load
during the on-time of the power switch. During off-time of the power switch, the energy is freewheeling through the output inductor and the freewheeling diode. A forward converter can be made by single switch structure or with a double switch structure, according to the way the energy
stored in the transformer primary inductance is demagnetized.
forward converter is a transformer based isolated converter, it based on the basic buck converter topology. In a forward converter, a switch is connected in series with the transformer primary winding. The switch provides switching voltage at the transformer primary winding. normally step down transformer is used to step down the primary voltage, and provide isolation between the
input voltage source VIN and the output voltage VOUT. when the switch is ON for a period of t-on , the dot end of the winding becomes positive with respect to the non-dot end. Therefore, the output diode becomes forward-biased As the input voltage are applied across the transformer primary winding, the magnetizing current IM increases linearly from its initial zero value to a maximum value. The total current that flows through the primary winding is this magnetizing current plus the inductor current (IL) reflected on the primary side. in off period the tertiary winding or reset winding demagnetizes the core. and the freewheeling diode in output side provides load current, resultant of the collapsing magnetic field of the inductor

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00:00 what is forward converter topology, and how forward converter works
00:26 forward converter basics
01:38 single switch forward converter circuit diagram
01:49 construction of forward converter transformer
03:00 function of forward converter explained
04:41 magnetizing current in forward converter
06:18 what is tertiary winding or reset winding in single switch forward converter

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