7 Truths To Lower Blood Pressure With Breathing Exercises (Holistic Doctor Explains) // Dr Ekberg


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7 Truths To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Breathing Exercises A Holistic Doctor Explains. Blood pressure, like most modern disease, is thought to have no cure, but once you understand why high blood pressure happens, you can start learning how to lower high blood pressure . High blood pressure, or hypertension, is not something that happens to you. It is something that your body creates with every heart beat, and if you understand why it is created, you can start taking measures to reduce it.
While doctors usually treat the symptom of high blood pressure rather than the underlying problem, Doctor Ekberg will explain how to address the root cause for a long lasting solution.
The natural methods you will learn are equally powerful to prevent high blood pressure from developing as they are to reduce high blood pressure naturally. Breath and breathing patterns are closely linked to the way that the autonomic nervous system regulates blood pressure, which is why relaxing breaths can help control blood pressure. Dr. Ekberg will also talk about how the benefits can be even more far reaching and help reduce a wide range of health problems.




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  1. This guy is amazing. Thank you so much for this very educational video.

  2. Due to asthma I lose the momentum.

  3. Beautifully explained the yogic anulom-vilom pranayama in a scientific way . Thank you Doctor.

  4. Thanks Dr. Berg for a wonderful vidio on breathing for High B.P .Love you so much for bless.

  5. This guy as a biology teacher – that'd be great, man.

  6. Absolutely fantastic amazing information

  7. Thank you Doc.

  8. I like your blogging Doc. Sten Ekberg.

  9. great explanation!

  10. This is great! I spent years as a registered nurse until I decided the modern healthcare system just throws pills on symptoms. This video is the best and most precise and true information I’ve seen online anywhere. After years of seeing side effects from chronic overuse of medication, I decided to walk away from the modern healthcare system. The modern healthcare system is all based on taking your money, not healing you. keep speaking the truth.

  11. Dear Doctor, thank you very much for sharing this technique to reduce high BP. If you are taking medecine and you practice this technique and get positive result, can you stop taking medecine? Advise. Thks

  12. Thank you doctor. What you taught was yogic breathing technique. Yes the abdominal region will rise when we inhale and collapses when we breathe out. Great advice 👍

  13. This is true. Watch

  14. Thank you very much. This is great.

  15. Your information rhythm and presentation is very much appreciated Dr. Ekberg; keep up this great work.😇

  16. Are you supposed to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

  17. I am so happy doc that you are sharing all those healthy informations. 😊

  18. I have a white coat syndrome. Everytime the nurse tried to get my blood pressure. I became nervous that's why I'm always failed on my BP test. 🤦 It was devastating

  19. Well I tried the exercise and I was surprised at the results When I began it was 157/80 after 5 mins it was 141/70.I am going to incorporate it my health program

  20. Absolutely fantastic vid in every aspect. Thank you for so much doc. Regards from Finland.

  21. Thank you, Dr.

  22. Thank you for your wonderful video

  23. I commit. I am starting this. I don't know if you're overpromising, but you sure do promise much and if I get so much as half the benefits, I will be satisfied. Edit: I'm using a metronome app on a 52bpm setting and a meditation timer for the gentlest ping at 15m

  24. Dr. Ekberg is correct . . . don't expect anything after the first try. We need reports from people who have practiced it for 6 months.

  25. Good Explanation, Thank you very much doctor.

  26. Interesting that Jesus said to not worry and to remember that God knows our needs. And also interesting that God’s Word is said to be healing to our bones.

  27. Mines 196/90

  28. Deep breathing actually felt so good I broke out in spontaneous laughter while doing it. A calming kind of strange in a good way.

  29. Thank you Doctor.

  30. Great info, thanks so much!

  31. I have never had blood pressure ever in life that was above 110/70 or 80. Lesser most of the time. However excersised or stressed too. Should people like me even care about blood pressure because others uneducated but have degrees filthy stuff nonsense "too stif" f that's no sense to the core.. .

  32. I’m looking for a retreat to do a 7 day water fast with medical supervision. Any suggestions?


  34. Breathing exercise at 20:11

  35. Makes me yawn a lot : )
    Instead of 5 minutes x 2 daily, can I substitute 20 minutes of walking daily? (moderately brisk – I'm 71)

  36. It just feels so good to breathe consciously! I feel like I literally get high from it! Especially in nature!

  37. This is an absolute WOW!! Thank you!

  38. This breathing pattern has been life changing for me. I’ve been stuck in fight or flight for almost my entire life due to severe abuse.

    I recommend to use the “breathing app” on iphone and android. Set it to about 6secs:6secs for about 15 mins for productivity and relaxation. Set to 5:7 for maximum relaxation and for sleep.

    Can also count to 7 for each breath (5-6secs) if you don’t want to pull out your phone.

  39. Excellent presentation explaining the sympathetic vs para-sympathetic nervous system and the relationship to neuroplasticity.

  40. THANKS! SO well explained for betterment of life!!

  41. I need to get off my meds

  42. Please provide the link to buy your beta stage video program re metabolic measurements. You advertised at end of your video on 10 signs of high blood pressure. Thanks.

  43. Thanks. I'm gonna try using my earphones with a breathing app quietly playing in the background throughout the day to drill this into my brain.

  44. Thank you doctor, youre a life saver, you dont know how im grateful, thank you again

  45. This is an excellent video! I am a yoga and meditation teacher and this reinforces and validates how I am teaching breathing. Personally, despite my own good health and breathing practices, I have a tendency of experiencing white coat hypertension. Your explanation is helping me make peace with my fight or flight tendency in medical situations and I feel better equipped to manage it and be mindful of the automatic thoughts. I agree with other comments that this should be mandatory education. There is so much stress in the world and this would really help people live healthier and more peaceful lives if kids learned this information before patterns were as entrenched. Thank you Dr. Sten!

  46. tell them,,the antibiotics in store or factory meat ,eggs and milk is killing peoples digestive tract bacteria and causes people to stay sick and unhealthy leading to cancer .

  47. So helpful … Thank you !

  48. Very informative, I will try this. One point I didn't hear is that it really helps to start the breathing pattern with a very deep breath. If I don't do that, then I quickly get short of breath. Starting with a really deep breath gives your lungs a good starting point in the breathing cycle, and is much more comfortable. Thank you.

  49. Thanks Doctor for explaining this to dummies like me.

  50. Thanks.Looks great.👌
    Let me try.

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