5 Pointers When Choosing A WordPress Theme



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5 pointers when choosing a WordPress Theme for your new blog.

Choosing the theme can be the most important part of your design process get it wrong and your site may never be seen.

Follow the 5 pointers here and you will not go far wrong.

1. Simplicity…
Choose a theme that is easy to read, simplicity is the key here, if you are a photographer then choose a theme that allows you to display your images well, maybe your are looking for a magazine style then go for clean and well designed. Sometimes less is more!

2. Mobile Responsive
Figures show that more and more people are viewing websites and blog via their mobile devices, so having your wordpress theme fully responsive is a must. You can check your site by visiting http://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly type in the preview url of the theme or activate it and use your website url.

3. Browser Capability
Do a quick check on all the major browsers and make sure your site look great. Visit Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Bing

4. SEO Friendly
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very important part of any website or blog, being SEO friendly you will have a mush better chance of ranking highly in the organic search. This in turn should produce more visitors.

5. Ratings & Reviews
All the WordPress themes have a rating and review, this is always a good indication of how the theme is performing for others. I would never choose any theme below a 4 star.

Although WordPress has 1000’s of themes that you can upload there are also some great sites where you can purchase themes. This could suit your needs better so always worth a look. Prices range from $20 -$70.

These would be ones I would recommend
Thrive Themes http://designed-4-u.com/thrivethemes
Elegant Themes http://designed-4-u.com/elegantthemes
My Theme Shop http://designed-4-u.com/mythemeshop
Theme Forest http://designed-4-u.com/themeforest

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