3 Fundamentals of Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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1:00 The basics of an effective digital marketing strategy ties into three core things. I share this with companies that are doing and just starting out, let’s say, doing zero revenue or they’re a startup, to even a business that does a hundred million dollars. These are the only three principles of a digital marketing strategy.

1:15 The only way to grow a business is you need traffic. You need actual people to notice about your business, pay attention to your business and follow you to be able to grow your business. The second thing is, once you have their attention, their focus, and their business, and they’re visiting you, then you’ll be able to convert that into leads.

2:30 The third point is revenue, alright, sales. How do you convert your traffic, your leads to actual revenue, profits, and cash flow in your business? You want to be able to turn that into three types of revenue: new revenue, new customers in your business. Ascension revenue: customers exist with you, and they upgrade or buy more of your products or services or equal things that fit within your company, product line extension or service line extension. And the third thing is the reoccurring revenue.

3:00 I think the biggest principle that you can get from this, is that when you put a disproportionate amount of value with your target audience, and you build that up, then you’re going to be able to put more in the bank for them to invest it with you. So think about this: every time you give them a piece of content, you add value to them.

3:30 The most effective strategy is this: you deposit money in what I call the value account. Now, the value account, when you send them a video, when you send them a piece of content, when they read your guide, when they attend your webinar, when they learn about your branding and all this stuff, you’re depositing value in your target audience’s bank account, and then when it comes time to transact, let’s say, or start that buying relationship, and they’re willing to spend money with you, they’re much more likely to spend money with you with you added so much more value to them.

4:00 It’s all about how much value you add to your target audience, how you increase the traffic, leads, and sales, and over time, the majority of that market, a hundred thousand people are finding of you, millions of people are finding out about you. How do you maximize on every single person instead of just the 5 to 10%, I’d say the 5%, that are looking for your product or services right now that wanna buy from you. Focus on the long-term strategy, and that’s the most important thing.

5:15 Thanks for watching this video. I want you to comment below if you got insights from this thing. What questions do you have? What is one thing that you learned from this video? How do you plan to add value to your target audience? What piece of content do you want to create? Anything. Comment below, I hear from you guys. The second thing, I want you to like this video. The third thing is I want you guys to subscribe and hit that bell icon because when you guys do that, you get notifications on future videos just like this, and also digital secrets and any videos that are being released to you guys. So, thanks for watching this, as usual, I appreciate you guys’ time and attention, and I will see you guys in the next video.

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