10+ Best Free WordPress Themes For 2018

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You’ll find the Best Free WordPress Themes that are modern, beautiful designed and easy to setup: http://bit.ly/2lfuUqr

0:28 ► Hestia Theme – http://bit.ly/2kZ2rpn – slick material design theme

1:00 ► Zerif Lite – http://bit.ly/2lfTOWN – single page interactive theme

1:27 ► Zillah – http://bit.ly/2l4AmdB – simple and elegant blogging theme

1:44 ► ShopIsle – http://bit.ly/2kZ3O3x – elegant and modern for eCommerce

2:09 ► Sydney – http://bit.ly/2lfNPBr – clean business theme

2:25 ► Parallax ONE – http://bit.ly/2x144pY – simple Bootstrap theme for any purpose

2:54 ► Amadeus – http://bit.ly/2lga75Z – classical theme for personal blogs

3:19 ► Oblique – http://bit.ly/2l4y8e5 – minimal design without sidebar theme

3:43 ►Azera Shop – http://bit.ly/2lg1TLi – clean theme for online shops

3:58 ►IsleMag – http://bit.ly/2l4Bqyi – catchy theme for magazines


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  1. Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about themes mentioned in this video.

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  3. Ok i cannot load the menu data why is that cause the free version?

  4. i tried searching for hestia but it wasn't available on wordpress.com

  5. Nice presentation thank you Robert

  6. It doesn't work :
    Installing Theme from uploaded file: shop-isle.1.1.20.zip
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

  7. Thanks for the video!
    How can I add a header video for Hestia?

  8. i want to use the sydney theme but i dont think i can because i have a wordpress.com business plan site… can it be done?

  9. Great collection of best free themes and nice presentation (Y)

  10. is hestia still free

  11. Great collection of WordPress Themes . I have found some really cool free WordPress eCommerce Themes and published a video.

  12. Is it just me or do they all look the exact same, layout wise?

  13. I can't install those theme.

  14. can u sir just give me some tips for islemag theme ?

  15. Hi, Good list. I would like to add my free theme here as well. https://www.themelocation.com/product/zapto-multi-purpose-wp-theme/

  16. Thanks for your guide. is IsleMag the best News Theme ?

  17. Hello er the parralax one and the sydney theme links are the same.

  18. hi, can I remove the powered by WordPress and theme credit link on the footer of free, trial and premium themes?

  19. Sydney theme is sucks. I installed it in my host bt it get crashed after a few days

  20. Thank you for this, very much appreciated

  21. Hi! which recomend for an inventory? somthing like heavy equipment. Thank you in advance.

  22. Hey, all themes are good. I have tried some of them, and want to suggest you Mine free WordPress theme too.
    It is also a very good theme for blogger. have a look : https://goo.gl/tfHWyr

  23. "Customizr" is also one of the best themes out there.

  24. For free WordPress theme and other freebies, visit https://freebiesauction.com/

  25. Where can I Download Demo Data For ThemeIsle ?
    I can't use a theme without demo data.

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