★Whole Body Regeneration★ (Angelic Healing Music 1111hz)


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Whole Body Regeneration★ (Angelic Healing Music 1111hz)

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Greetings of Peace, love and light!

Today we bring you another powerful installment to our Miracles Series and our Holistic Healing Series as well.

As you may know,
Taking care of our loving physical body goes hand in hand with our mental health as the mind and body interact and influence one another in many complex and loving ways.

In fact, our actually beautiful bodies literally tell us a lot about our state of health. The state of your nails, skin, eyes and hair provides great feedback on your well-being, indicating signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and can sometimes even reflect poor organ health as well.

The energy utilized in Whole body Regeneration focuses on your entire well-being as It takes on a holistic approach as it integrates your mental and physical well-being as a whole.

Whole Body Health is a 360-degree view of one’s health, acknowledging the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors in a person’s ability to thrive, not merely survive.

Physical health is one thing; mental health is yet another. Whole body health, however, is the earnest pursuit of both — simultaneously, in fact.

Your beautiful body is the one physical resource you always have with you. You are the owner of your physical body. Whether you’re referring to the mind or the body itself, health is an investment that can’t be taken away easily. It’s the underpinning of everything we do, because the majority of things we do here on planet earth involves our body and mind.

When you’re healthy overall, your organs can also help reduce the risk of illness and helps to subdue stress, which is a silent destroyer. When your whole body is healthy, you are assured of a more productive life, equipped with the energy to tackle daily stress. Believe it or not, the spine connects the brain to many essential organs and nerves that control every aspect of the body as a whole.

This Angelic Quadified formula Focuses on whole body regeneration. It works by utilizing pure angelic healing energy to heal and revivify your body on a physical and mental level from head to toe. This powerful healing angelic energy also works by strengthening, balancing and revivifying immune response, Beta-Cell Regeneration, Nerve Function, Liver Health, Cardiac Cell Regeneration, Hormone Regulation, Cartilage-Joint and Spine strengthening, Normalizing blood pressure level, Improved quality of sleep, Improved mood and self-confidence, Increased energy and endurance throughout the day, Reduced pain in joints, hips, and lower back, Improved blood circulation, Improved breathing, respiration, and lung function, Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity and many healing effects at a cellular level with huge anti-aging effects and the list goes on and on – hence “Whole Body Regeneration”.

Enjoy Beloveds!


❤️You can transition into a meditative state will listening for added benefits.

💖 All Quadible creations are backed by pure love energy, we feel that LOVE is the most powerful vibration in the Universe.

💖 We have received multiple success stories/testimonials from many of you and we feel very glad to help you in your desires. Thank you to all of you beautiful souls who continue to graciously make donations as we are filled with endless gratitude.

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  1. This will be good for autoimmune problems as well 🙂

  2. Viral proteins, graphene oxide, aluminum, metals, cesium, blood clots, Morlogerons disease, cancer, nausea, headaches, abdominal pain, deafness, immune hyperreactivity
    I want to get rid of scabs, shingles, dandruff

  3. Hello dear! I'm really grateful with your audios, I've listened many of them and I've always get results, it's amazing!! That's because I would like to ask you for an audio to reduce the chin, especially the prominent chin or "witch chin" to be clear haha. I have one of this, and it makes me feel really insecure and not too well with my phsic aspect. I have tought to make me a plastic surgery, but it costs a lot of money and I really prefer another procediments, like audios and frecuencies, more since I know how well them works. So, that's it, I would be really happy if you could create and audio like that, to reduce the prominent chin and also to reduce the fat or excess of skin that's in it, to have it small and beautiful. Another thing is that when I smile or laugh it gets even bigger, so it would be fantastic if the audio can help to evite that happens.
    Anyways, I want to tell you thank you so, so much for all of your audios, and I will keep listening to them. I send you too much love and good energies!

  4. Marvellous! Infinite gratitude QI team. You are loved we are one we are loved☀️💚

  5. Thank you. Feels wonderful. Would love the opportunity to purchase! ♥️♥️♥️

  6. This one is giving me neck pain,any reason?

  7. Thank you quadible for all your frequency it helping alot ❤❤❤

  8. This music has some strong Enya vibes. I approve 💜
    Edit: Oh and I’ve had 3 panic attacks in 24 hours, so I’m absolutely exhausted inside and out. This couldn’t have popped on the feed at a better time. Thank YOU to infinity and beyond! 🥹

  9. This is another level… I’m shocked by edit / music
    ❤❤feel healing / coldness/ peace…. So beautiful… thank you 🙏

  10. This song is amazing Great music choice.

  11. Dear quadible if you are real then answer me! My girlfriend is gone since 5 months ago and she has not messaged me yet. I wanted you help me and Get her back to me 😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Hi there greetings like the vulkanier. live long &with peace, i think🖖🏻 .This is the new era of quadible. Like in Star Trek it is a room where you can tip your problem then you step into that room & when you came out it is all done, you are whole again.this is awesome. But i do have a quastion;
    Do you make a short one with human programmed limited subconscious beliefs purger?

  13. Thank you Qi for another miraculous formula.
    Can we loop this while asleep as well?

  14. I cannot thank you enough I have adrenal fatigue stomach issues hormonal imbalance and it's just so much I did not know where to begin which frequency which thing which problem to identify knowing how amazing your frequencys are and one that can heal many things at once this is priceless ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I would like feedback on how I can begin to walk again? Please share ?

  16. Hi quadible please answer me immediately. I need your help! My girlfriend is gone since 5 months ago and she has not messaged me yet i wanted you to Show me your Miracle and bring her back to me pleaseeeee 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. Thankyou so so much. Love you ! ❤

  18. Quadible 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. it's awesome, I feel the benefits, thanks Quadible❤️

  20. Listen to this I got out of bed for a glass of water and a spliff and the time was 11.11 wow

  21. I’ve only been listening since this came out, so three days or so and my teeth are regenerating. Literally, there was a hole in my tooth and it is getting smaller. I can both feel it with my tongue and see in the mirror. I have listened to so many audios for teeth, maxilla and mandible attractiveness and health for a year and I have seen results but not this fast. I know it says WHOLE body regeneration, I just wasn’t expecting this at all and I’m thrilled. It feels great to make PROGRESS and strengthen my faith in HEALING! THANK YOU!! I truly hope every individual that listens to this is blessed with the healing they intend and beyond what they expect too! I use with boosters like the new audio expander from Quadible as well, and guess what? We’re all our own boosters and its our faith and love that is our power to heal ourselves and others. Maybe that’s what the boosters help me see! It’s so incredible that even if we need more faith and love to fuel our healing, there are many doors like these available for us to open and receive from others who have an abundance to share. Thank you Quadible team for sharing!

  22. Thank you QI ❤❤❤Can I take birth control pills while listening to this video? Won't the sound reduce the benefits of the pills?

  23. Merci infiniment


  25. Thank-you❤

  26. I listened to this as I got dressed to go to an event this evening. Thank you❤

  27. If you do a collaboration with Sapien Medicine, (combining forces to utilize the multiplying of knowledge, skills and abilities) there are a number of beautiful possibilities but may I suggest something to help overcome the plague of p0rn addiction? What a destructive force that is! and healing is needed for millions.

  28. Can you make hallow cheeks one

  29. Thank you quadible,i hope it will help me and my mom.. Thanks..love from india..please do come out with more audible gems…

  30. This ain’t one of your best by far

  31. @Quadible Integrity – Healing Frequency Music Can you please answer me this time? I want you to Miracle and bring back my girlfriend. Can you 🙏

  32. can you make a subliminal for pear shaped body? thank you

  33. Im open ready and willing g to receive total mind body and soul renewal and even better function then before … I am grateful for your work and for God giving you and your team the skills and will to help so many souls. Thank you ..I believe this will work.❤❤❤

  34. Please may I know how many times to listen to this healing energy audio daily

  35. sir, i am 17 years old boy and I have genetic premature grey hair issue😢 I have almost 80% grey hair. please🙏 suggest me some subliminal videos that will strongly work without any doubt. please😢 answer me I will be very thankful to you

  36. I know it’s bit awkward but can anyone help me buying new chakra video I can pay through PayPal or may be with Indian methods because I do not have CC or Cash app available at my location ,well I don’t know how this going to happen but I am asking for it so it can be given

  37. I could listen to this all day! it’s such a joyful and healing energy. Just puts you in ease!

  38. you have every type of binaural beats without desire face , desire skin design hair, desire body. This thing I need the most. Can you please make one in this topic too????🥺

  39. beautiful video and beautiful music❤

  40. Beautiful! Thank you.

  41. Me gustan mucho tus videos y los comparto pero me gustaría saber q TEGNOLOGIA utilizas para crear estos videos en q se basa son frecuencias ho que podrías explicarme por favor te agradescosco

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